truth in a sentence

She always speaks the truth.

You are trying to hide the truth.

He is respected in the village for his truth and honest.

Truth will always remain truth even if there is not a single follower of it.

Most of the time, what we see is not the reality and truth.

He’ll vomit the truth.

I am going to reveal the truth about you.

Tell me the truth.

She hid the truth from her husband.

Get up and face the truth.

Was he speaking the truth?

It is the victory of truth.

Are you telling the truth?

Will you please tell the truth?

Tell the truth as soon as you can.

Had he told the truth ?

There is not much truth in the statement.

He wants the truth to be told.

There is no truth in what is stated by him.

What is the harm in telling the truth ?

He dwelt upon the importance of truth and honesty.

Truth always triumphs.

She was speaking the truth so far I could judge.

They did not tell me the truth about the situation.

I will find out the truth at all costs.

The Magistrate drew out the truth by cross examining the accused.

To speak the truth is praiseworthy.

I am sorry to have hidden the truth from you.

I have to find out the truth behind it.

I doubt the truth of this report.

It is a universal truth that the sun rises in the east.

Is telling me the truth or not?

There is no truth in what he is saying.

At last we have elicited the truth from him.

There is not a jot of truth in this story.

There is much truth in what he says.

Don’t keep the truth from me

Why did he hide the truth ?

Has he told you the truth ?

It is better to bring them face to face so that the truth may be revealed.

There was no truth in his statement.

Will you not speak the truth ?

Had he told you the truth ?

I have no fear in saying this because truth is evergreen.

There is not a jot of truth in the story.

Speak the truth else you will be punished.

He has not spoke the truth.

Has he told you the truth ?

I love truth and non violence.

He showed the path of truth and bravery.

It will bear out the truth of my statement.

He believed in truth and non-violence.

To speak the truth is a virtue.

Will you speak the truth ?

What is the basic truth on which all Indian art is developed?

Have you known the truth ?

There is not even a modicum of truth in this report.

He wants the truth to be told.

You should tell the truth to your doctor.

The truth fears no examination.

He had a great passion for truth.

To speak the truth is your first duty.

I will not hide the truth from my parents.

I could not elicit any truth from her.

I will speak the truth even if you kill me.

There is a good deal of truth in this saying.

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