Trust-word meaning in hindi

Noun : आशा, विश्रंभ, न्यास रक्षक, व्यापार संघ, विश्वास का कारण, यक़ीन, ऐतबार, ईमान, साख, संगठन, विश्वास, भरोसा, पतियारा, विश्वसनीयता, न्यास, निष्ठा, निक्षेप, अमानत, ज़िम्मेदारी, ट्रस्ट, दायित्व

Adverb : ईमानदारी से

Verb : सुपुर्द कर देना, ईमान रखना, पतियाना, हवाले करना, भरोसा करना, भरोसा रखना, धरोहर रखना, आशा करना, उधार देना, विश्वास करना, सौपना, सौंपना

Example Sentences :

Don’t trust him with such a large sum of money.

You should have known better than to trust him.

Never betray the trust of your friends.

I don’t feel that I can trust what he says.

We all trust you.

He doesn’t trust the doctor any more.

You can trust him. He will never let you down.

This makes the person trust you.

I shall not trust the selfish friends.

You can trust him to keep his word.

You trust him completely.

I can trust him to a certain extent.

I do not trust him any longer.

I believe in myself and trust what I do.

Never trust a stranger.

I trust him because he never tells a lie.

You can’t trust rumors.

There was once a time when I could not trust others.

You can trust him to some degree but not wholly.

He is not frugal so you can’t trust him with money.

He did not trust the common people.

I completely trust your abilities.

He didn’t trust her and she didn’t trust him.

They won’t trust you.

I cannot trust a person like that.

We should not just trust to luck.