True-word meaning in hindi

Noun : तसदीक़

Adjective : स्वाभाविक, ठीक तरह से लगा हुआ, सधी हुई, अटल, सही, सत्य, सच्चा, शुद्ध, वास्तविक, यथार्थ, पक्का, ठीक, खरा, असली

Adverb : सत्यता पूर्वक, यथार्थ में, सच पूर्वक, सच में, ठीक तरीके से

Verb : ठीक करना, फिट करना, ठीक तरह से लगाना

Example Sentences :

He made a true statement.

He is not a true friend.

I am your true follower.

He has never been true nor will ever be true to me.

In times of need only a true friend will stand by you.

One should be true to one’s friends.

You should be true to your promises.

This sentence illustrates the true meaning of the word.

This proverb is true to a large extent.

He was true to his salt.

He is the true servant of his country.

It is true to say that newspapers rule the country.

Is it true that they were seen alone together ?

I am always true to my belief.

For a long time he kept his father in the dark about the true state of affairs.

I believed that he was a true friend.

It’s a true story.

Is this situation true for your country?

A true friend is rare in the world.

You showed self-control for the sake of true friendship.

A true friend helps him in his hour of need.

It is true to say that ideas rule the mind and mind rules the world.

He is true to his words.

A true sportsman is always cool-headed and smiling.

Nature is a true friend and educator of man.

A gentleman is always true to his words.

Of course that is true but not during pregnancy.

Be true to yourself.

Our true nationality is mankind.

What you say is true in a sense.

I could never be a true man of my word.

She had the wind of his true intentions.

It is true that he did it.

I don’t know whether it is true or not.

It’s true that a ghost appeared at my house.

It is true that he couldn’t know the truth.

He is always true to his friends.

You won’t be true to yourself.

The translation is quite true to the original.

He is true to his words.

You should be true to your friends.

It is true that he is over seventy.

It is true she is a rare beauty.

I doubt whether it is true or not.

Few people know the true meaning.

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