true in a sentence


His guess proved to be true.

It is really difficult to find a true friend in life.

He is true to his word.

Your character is the true image of your personality.

Only a few know the secret of true happiness.

What is the true aim of education?

True friends do not want to see their friends hurt.

Sometimes, we get influenced by the packaging and advertising and buy the product which does not come out to be true to its value.

If your aim is strong, you can see its fruition before your mental eye, long before it comes true.

What Is your true opinion about me?

He revealed his true identity.

True spirituality goes beyond all religions.

I am always true to my word.

True education is training of both that the head and the heart.

True friendship is a feeling of love, sharing and caring.

True lovers are not afraid of hardships.

A true friend is an invaluable ally in building a good character.

It is very difficult to find a true friend.

Only you are your own true evaluator.

I will reveal your true identity to everyone.

Good and true friends are hard to find.

True friends are rare in this world.

Is it true?

I hope your wish will come true.

Speak what is true.

Your prophecy has come true.

Be true or you will spoil your relationship.

This saying always holds true.

Your dreams will come true.

True friendship is rare.

I am true.

Much of what you say is true.

Much of what he says is true.

This cannot be true.

That might be true.

You should be true to your promises.

What he says is true.

Tell what is true.

What he said was true.

He is true to his words.

Your information is perfectly true.

Can this be true ?

It is true that he is at the bottom of the whole mischief.

He was a patriot in true sense of the word.

Can it be true?

The principles of Newton holds true even today.

My dreams have come true.

It is true that honesty is the best policy.

Her information is perfectly true.

I want her to be my true friend and life partner.

In times of need only a true friend will stand by you.

A true friend never betrays the trust.

It is true that East or West, home is the best.

He is true.

This news is true.

It is not true.

The story you are telling me is not true.

All my dreams have true today.

That’s not entirely true.

Their love was too deep and true to die.

That’s true in some ways.

I am always true to my belief.

You cannot depend upon him, he is not true to his salt.

She was a true lady.

What he said is true.

Whatever he says is not true.

A true scholar is often silent and dignified.

All the statements made in the book are true and frank.

My speculation about the election results has come out true.

Women are presumed to be talkative by nature, but it is not always true.

His statement is true as per my knowledge.

It is true that you are innocent.

The news is very good but it is not true.

He is true to his salt.

This news is hardly true.

You should be true to yourself.

True greatness consists in loving all.

A true friend is rare in the world.

He is true to his promise.

A true patriot lives for his country.

What you said is true.

They, like a true friend stand by us through thick and thin.

Be true to yourself, and then you will not be false to anyone.

Is that rumour true ?

What is the true aim of education ?

Is it true that she is ill ?

Was it true that you were late ?

A true friend is one who stands by you through thick and thin.

Your dream may come true at any moment.

How far is the report true ?

He is true to his friends.

He is true to his words.

It is true that he is very poor.

A true friend is an asset.

Is the following statement true ?

It is an emblem of true love.

How true he was !

He was true to his profession.

Sooner or later people will come to know his true character.

It is very hard to have a true friend in the materialistic world of to-day.

It is very hard to find true friends.

He has finally shown his true colors.

The portrait of her was true to life.

He is a true man.

He has always been true to his wife.

A true gentleman never betrays his friends.

This is a tried and true method of weight loss.

That’s not true at all.

He doesn’t know whether it’s true or not.

It is important to find true friends when you are young.

One ought to be true to oneself.

Can it be true that he is ill?

What he says is true to some extent.

Always be true to yourself.

The true aim of education is all round development of a man.

There have been several examples of true friendship in this world.

She craves for true happiness.

I am lucky to have a true friend.

Only true friends stand by him.

It is evident he hides true facts from us.

A servant should be true to his master’s interests.

The news is true as far as I know it.

You are a true person.

One should always be true to his words.

He is true to his words.

It is good to have one good and true friend than plenty, with no emotional .

I fail to understand his true aim.

Give us a true account of what happened.

You should be true to your word.

His dream has come true at last.

It is true that he did his best.

He was always true to his promises.

The report proved true as a result of their investigation.

It is true that she’ll get married next month.

Her dream has come true at last.

A true gentleman would not betray his friends.

A true friend would not betray you.

Nobody can disturb a true friendship.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

She became a true friend of mine.

Our teacher is a gentleman in the true sense of the word.

I don’t know whether the story is true or not.

The picture is true to life.

I found the rumor to be true to a certain extent.

Synonyms of True


  • Is your pregnancy test kit giving accurate results?
  • He is accurate in his observation.
  • He was bowling with an accurate line and length.
  • He is accurate in his judgement.
  • He made an accurate report of the incident.


  • Those were his actual words.
  • The actual cost was higher than the estimate.


  • He is very authoritative in her behavior.
  • They don’t want to do it in front of their parents or other authoritative figures.


  • Fill in the blanks with an appropriate preposition.
  • Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions
  • Curly hair needs appropriate moisture at all times.


  • They present an authentic picture because their visuals match their verbals.
  • Paneer kheer is an authentic sweet prepared in North India for almost all festivals.


  • Write the correct reply.
  • Choose the correct form of the verb.
  • He had only eight correct answers.
  • Put in the correct form of the verb.
  • Choose the correct word or phrase.
  • Is that the correct time?


  • Is he a dependable man ?
  • He is a true and dependable friend.
  • He is totally dependable and trustworthy.
  • They are dependable and honest in their approach.
  • He is a dependable boss.
  • He is a dependable person.


  • Can you direct me to the airport, please?
  • Potassium plays a direct role in maintaining the rhythm of your heartbeat.
  • These are some of the direct signs you are in love.


  • He is not quite exact in his statement.
  • Do you have the exact time?
  • Do you know the exact time right now?
  • We will come to your place at exact 8 p.m.
    I know the exact time when that happened.


  • His remark was not intended to be a factual statement.
  • Don’t make factual statements without a source.


  • Many electric fitting have gone loose.
  • I’m fitting a lock to the window.
  • These loose fitting trousers are totally out of fashion.


  • The document is neither genuine nor forged.
  • I will never promote something I don’t believe in.
  • I think when you’re telling a story from inside of you that’s genuine people connect with it.


  • It is honest of her to tell him the truth.
  • He is so honest that I can count on him.
  • He is so honest that he always keeps his word.
  • He looks like an honest man.
  • He is too honest to keep another man’s property with him.
  • He isn’t as honest as all that.
  • She is honest in all she does.


  • We need to handle this in a lawful manner.
  • He is the lawful owner of the company.
  • He recognized his son as lawful heir.


  • You will benefit in legal matters.
  • What is the legal procedure to transfer the house in our names?
  • It is better for you to act by legal means.


  • Restrict it to its legitimate use.
  • Which prince is the legitimate heir to the throne?


  • It is a natural exfoliate meaning it gently slough off dead skin cells .
  • It is a natural process and it is unavoidable.
  • It is natural that everybody seeks fast relief from sickness.
  • Water therapy is a natural treatment for controlling diseases and keeping the body hydrated .


  • The dark side of this scenario is that you will be working beyond your normal capacity.
  • He was of normal height.
  • He’s just a normal junior high school student.
  • Seventy or eighty years is the normal span of a man’s life.


  • It is best to be precise in such cases.
  • It means precise or be exact.
  • He made precise gestures.
  • She is precise in keeping appointments.
  • He gave the precise answer which I was looking for.
  • Give me a precise answer.


  • Which is the proper way to answer this question?
  • He makes a proper use of his rights.
  • Those who make proper use of it, make their careers.
  • He could not get proper treatment and died.
  • He needs proper medical attention at a hospital.


  • An honest shopkeeper always sells good and pure things.
  • The air is pure around here.
  • He is pure and honest.
  • They give man pure delight.
  • He has pure habits and gentle nature.
  • The pure air and greenery of the hills filled us with delight.
  • You must stand for what is good pure and noble.


  • My regular waitress wouldn’t have anything to do with me.
  • I am a regular visitor to your library.
  • I am quite regular in all classes of the school.
  • Waiting for a bus is a regular feature of big cities.
  • You are not regular in the class.
  • First he should be regular and secondly hard working.
  • His service has been made regular.
  • A regular exercise routine is a must to keep the body in good shape.
  • She’s a regular workaholic.


  • He is the right man for the job.
  • I intend to do this right or wrong.
  • You are right in not helping him.
  • He put his foot in it right up to the hilt.
  • He did the right thing.
  • No body has the right to commit crime of any kind.


  • This is my rightful property.
  • I am the rightful owner of the house.
  • He restored the article its rightful owner.
  • I was robbed of my rightful share.


  • Honest and sincere efforts never go waste.
  • He is a sincere friend.
  • We express our most sincere sympathy to you in your great bereavement.
  • He is a very sincere person.
  • Please accept my sincere apologies.
  • He is sincere about what he says.


  • Write in a simple straight forward style.
  • I’ll tell him straight out what I think of him.
  • The writer goes straight to the point.
  • His hair was cut in a straight line at shoulder .
  • Lay your cards on the table and give me a straight answer!
  • He looked me straight in the eyes.
  • The road is straight for over ten miles.
  • Did you go straight home after school yesterday?

Sure enough

  • I was afraid it would not work out well and sure enough it failed.


  • You should have your house built by a trustworthy builder.
  • I was mistaken in thinking that he was a trustworthy man.


  • Of course he is a truthful man.
  • The fact that he is truthful pleases all.
  • He had been truthful since his childhood.
  • To be truthful about it, I’m really not.
  • They should be truthful and hard working.


  • He had his own typical method of collecting information.


  • It was a veritable palace.


  • It is very hot today.
  • The extra room proved very useful when we had visitors.
  • And she misses them very much.
  • There are very few passers in the train.
  • The medicine made me very sleepy.
  • The food seems very delicious.
  • The tree grows very quickly.
  • The colors of the pattern are very ordinary.


  • They wash their clothes at this pond.
  • I wash my hands and take lunch.
  • Apply it before going to bed and then wash off in the morning.
  • Before going to bed wash off the oil on your face.

Bona Fide



On target










Antonyms of True


  • Her behavior is abnormal for a young girl.
  • Environmental pollution is causing abnormal weather conditions.
  • This warm weather is abnormal for February.
  • It’s abnormal to have the heart on the right side.


  • The climate affected the growth of trees and plants.
  • Some plants are quickly affected by cold.


  • The face of nature keeps on changing from time to time and her moods .
  • With changing seasons, it becomes even more challenging.
  • His health is changing for the better.
  • It is difficult to overcome this shortcoming without drastically changing the whole system.


  • I felt that he was cheating me.
  • He was accused of cheating during the exam.
  • The teacher caught the student cheating on the examination.
  • He punished the boy for cheating on the examination.
  • He was caught cheating in the exam.
  • Why is he cheating on the test?


  • They sap the energy and corrupt the mind.
  • Is he not corrupt ?
  • I would make strict laws to punish corrupt persons.
  • The corrupt leader was given a wide berth by the people.


  • It is a counterfeit coin.
  • He was caught while trying to palm off a counterfeit note.
  • The counterfeit bills flooded the market over the weekend.


  • He is a deceitful friend.
  • Don’t be taken in by his sweet words
  • They are so deceitful that they won’t give him his share of the property.
  • He is a deceitful friend.


  • The man that is dishonest is hated by all.
  • A dishonest person is hated and suspected by everyone.
  • He is better than those who earn their living through dishonest means.
  • His dishonest ways had brought him to the depths of poverty.
  • There is no truth in saying that he is a dishonest man.
  • It was dishonest of him not to tell them.
  • He is a dishonest man.
  • I would rather be poor than make money by dishonest means.


  • The evil that men do lives after them.
  • Lay by something against an evil day.
  • He indulges in evil and immoral practices.
  • Such evil practices must be checked.
  • It is suffering from the evil of dowry.
  • Efforts must be made to drive out this evil from the country.
  • Speak no evil of anybody.
  • A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit.


  • This is a false bottom pan.
  • The thief denied all the charges against him.
  • He goes about spreading the false news.


  • I am a flawed person.


  • Please do not answer this fraudulent e-mail and certainly do not click on the links in the e-mail.


  • They give stresses and pause in an improper manner.
  • Is it improper to say that?


  • The budget appears to be inaccurate and unrealistic.


  • It is not only inappropriate but inelegant.
  • Nazi comparisons are inappropriate in every situation.
  • We’re deeply sorry for the inappropriate remark.


  • Is it incorrect to say that?


  • Change the following sentence into indirect speech .


  • He is too insincere to be trusted.
  • He still loves you, though you were insincere to him.


  • The contract is invalid if you were forced to sign it.


  • The cat is lying on the table.
  • The book that is lying here is mine.
  • A bunch of keys is lying there.
  • Heaps of sand are lying on the bank.
  • I do not know who is lying here.
  • She is lying in bed.
  • Books are lying about the room.
  • The book is lying in the box.
  • We will not take this lying down.


  • I would also suggest you not to put up such misleading ads just to lure customers.
  • Beware of misleading information.


  • Your son is a boy of uncommon intelligence.
  • She is a singer of uncommon ability.
  • Conflicts are not uncommon in relationships.
  • Such a case is not uncommon today.


  • Here are some unconventional nail polish colors for you to try.


  • He will never be unfair even in war.
  • Sometimes even parents do not mind if their child can get good marks by using unfair means.
  • I rather fail in the examination than use unfair means.
  • They were caught using unfair means in the examination.
  • For using unfair means, he was disqualified from the further examination.
  • He did it by unfair means.
  • You should have refused such an unfair proposal.


  • It is unjust to discriminate among people on racial grounds.
  • He complained of unjust treatment.
  • It could not be unjust to degrade him.
  • The unjust treatment of him generates discontent.


  • It is not merely idealistic or based on unreal intellectual thought.
  • Had you worked hard, you would have passed.
  • This is the unreal condition relating to the past.
  • It had worked hard you would have passed.


  • He is unsuitable for the job.
  • These books are unsuitable for children.
  • Your dress is unsuitable for the occasion.


  • What was the unusual thing of this evening ?
  • The weather is unusual today.
  • Our school trip was spoiled by an unusual snowfall.
  • I’ve never tasted anything as unusual as this.


  • This fault results from my wrong decision.
  • Everything seemed to go wrong with me.
  • I was wrong all the same.
  • It seems that there is something wrong with the telephone.
  • It seems that something is wrong with the computer.
  • We thought it wrong that you should punish him.
  • Something was wrong with the watch.
  • I think she was wrong in regard to that.
  • There is nothing wrong with this.

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