tremendous in a sentence

There is tremendous pressure on him these days.

Married life has its tremendous responsibilities.

The diversity of India is tremendous.

Trees are of tremendous value to us.

Try to inculcate good speech in your life and you will find tremendous changes in your personality.

Mind of most of the people runs with a tremendous velocity with one thought after another.

She congratulated me on my tremendous success.

I have received tremendous love for people across the world.

Society is witnessing a tremendous change.

People spend a tremendous amount of money to shape and tone their body to make themselves look better.

Are you under tremendous stress and looking out for ways to get rid of it?

There has been tremendous development in food industry.

A patient of iodine deficiency faces a tremendous amount of fatigue even without working hard.

Coconut oil has tremendous potential to cure a lot of infections.

It can cause tremendous transformation in you.

As an organ, liver has tremendous regenerative power.

Controlling eating habits can make tremendous changes in the overall health of your kid.

People who are suffering from arthritis experience a tremendous amount of pain.

He is under tremendous stress.

The power of a teacher is tremendous.

I really get tremendous energy by reading about you.

I’m amassing tremendous amounts of information.

Science has made tremendous progress.

How can you stand up to such tremendous pressure of work?

You are envious of my tremendous success.

The diversity of India is tremendous.

They had a tremendous amount of dedication and sincerity.

He has won many awards and accolades.

We have made tremendous progress in science and technology.

Since Independence, the country has made tremendous progress.

There is tremendous pressure on the children for their school work.

We have to work under tremendous pressure.

Science has brought about tremendous changes in our life.

The world has seen a tremendous growth in several spheres.

They had a tremendous amount of dedication and sincerity.

It had a tremendous stride.

He received a tremendous punch on the jaw from his opponent.

The rocket travels at a tremendous speed.

The earthquake created a tremendous sea wave.