treasure in a sentence

Morning walk can be called a treasure box for the people of all ages.

I shall keep it like a treasure.

I treasure the memory of the days spent in your company.

Who is entitled to all this treasure?

This is the most valuable treasure that has been found in the history of human.

Youngsters are nation’s treasure and we should work hard to channelise their energy in a productive way.

Who the treasure belonged to?

It is our duty to conserve forests as a valuable treasure.

He had found a buried treasure.

A museum is a treasure-house of antiques.

Who wrote the famous book entitled “Treasure Island”?

He came upon a treasure while digging the earth.

He discovered a hidden treasure.

I treasure it and seek inspiration from it.

My books are like a treasure to me.

Good health is a treasure.

A library is a treasure house of knowledge.

I shall always treasure your gift.

His toys are his treasure.

Knowledge is a treasure.

He was known to have hidden the treasure.

Had I discovered the treasure, I would have got my share.

I shall always treasure your gift.

Forests are one of the treasures given by nature.

Historical buildings are the monuments of our rich treasure and rare inheritance.

He discovered a hidden treasure.

It is a treasure we hold in trust for our descendants.

The treasure was very valuable.

The pirates buried the treasure there.

The pirates hid the treasure in pitchers.

The pirates buried the treasure in the sand.

What is the treasure ?

He told us where the treasure was hidden.

They found the treasure.

Internet is a virtual treasure trove of information.

I found the treasure.

Your friendship is a treasure.

The pirates burried their treasure deep in the earth.

I treasure your advice.

I treasure it.

Good health is a treasure.

The treasure was very valuable.

Hard work is the real treasure.

I’ll treasure it.

Some people tried to dig the treasure out.

She is a treasure to my office.

I’ll treasure your kind words.

The pirates embarked on a treacherous journey in search of buried treasure.

The archaeologists uncovered a trove of ancient treasures in the ruins of an ancient civilization.

The treasure hunter carefully sifted through the sand, hoping to find a valuable artifact.

The pirate captain guarded his treasure fiercely, ready to defend it at all costs.

The children played pretend, imagining they were on a quest to find buried treasure in their backyard.

The museum displayed a collection of exquisite treasures from different eras and cultures.

The treasure hunter used a metal detector to search for buried treasures in the old battlefield.

The chest was filled with sparkling jewels, gold coins, and other precious treasures.

The storybook told a tale of a brave adventurer on a quest to rescue a magical treasure from an evil sorcerer.

The sunken ship held a treasure trove of artifacts and valuable items from centuries ago.

The pirate’s treasure was said to be cursed, bringing misfortune to anyone who possessed it.

The explorer stumbled upon a hidden chamber, revealing a cache of long-lost treasures.

The museum curator carefully preserved and showcased the priceless treasures for future generations to admire.

The treasure chest was filled with ancient scrolls, revealing secrets and knowledge from a bygone era.

The treasure hunter meticulously cataloged and documented each item discovered, ensuring their historical significance was recognized.

The legend spoke of a mystical amulet that held the key to unlocking a hidden treasure.

The thief devised an elaborate plan to steal the precious treasure from the heavily guarded vault.

The explorer’s discovery of a rare artifact added to their reputation as a renowned treasure hunter.

The wealthy collector bid a staggering amount at the auction to acquire the rare and coveted treasure.

The buried treasure was rumored to be hidden beneath the ancient oak tree, prompting many adventurers to dig in search of it.

The treasure hunter’s eyes gleamed with excitement as they stumbled upon a chest overflowing with sparkling gemstones and gleaming gold.

The treasure map was torn and faded, but it held the key to unearthing the long-forgotten treasure.

The archaeologist carefully brushed away the layers of dirt to reveal a pristine artifact, a true treasure from the past.

The treasure chamber was adorned with intricately carved statues, shimmering chandeliers, and chests overflowing with riches.

The villagers celebrated the discovery of a lost treasure, using the newfound wealth to improve their community.

The pirate captain divided the treasure among the crew, ensuring each member received their fair share.

The young explorer’s determination paid off when they unearthed a buried treasure hidden in an old shipwreck.

The ancient temple was said to house a sacred treasure, guarded by mystical creatures and intricate traps.

The adventurer risked life and limb to retrieve the legendary treasure, fulfilling their lifelong quest.

The family heirloom, a precious necklace passed down through generations, held sentimental value as a cherished treasure.

The treasure hunter deciphered ancient hieroglyphics to unlock the secret location of a hidden temple filled with riches.

The lost city was rumored to hold immeasurable wealth and artifacts, attracting treasure seekers from all corners of the globe.

The explorer stumbled upon a secret chamber, revealing a cache of historical documents and maps leading to even greater treasures.

The pirate’s treasure trove was concealed in a remote cave, protected by treacherous cliffs and treacherous waters.

The legendary sword, said to possess magical powers, was the ultimate treasure sought by knights and warriors alike.

The museum exhibit showcased a collection of ancient relics, offering visitors a glimpse into the world’s lost treasures.

The treasure hunt became a thrilling adventure, with each clue leading closer to the final prize hidden at the journey’s end.

The treasure hunter followed a series of cryptic riddles, leading them to hidden caches of gold and silver.

The hidden treasure was said to possess mystical powers, granting immense wealth and eternal prosperity to its possessor.

The abandoned mansion was rumored to hold a secret room where a valuable treasure was concealed.

The adventurer’s discovery of a lost civilization revealed a treasure trove of ancient knowledge and artifacts.

The treasure map was intricately drawn, with clues pointing to landmarks and hidden passages leading to the coveted prize.

The elusive pirate treasure was said to be buried on a remote island, guarded by cunning traps and legends of restless spirits.

The legend spoke of a legendary jewel, a radiant gem that possessed extraordinary beauty and unimaginable worth.

The treasure hunt took the explorers deep into the heart of a dense jungle, where danger and fortune awaited at every turn.

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