travelling in a sentence

In modern times, travelling has become very popular.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji spent thirty years in travelling and visited many holy places in India and other Asian countries.

Travelling is always a source of joy and education.

Travelling brings us into a living contact with the world, its people and their ways of life.

Travelling broadens the mind and the look.

Travelling broadens our outlook.

Whenever we see an old person in need while travelling in a train or a bus, we should at once accommodate him.

Travelling brings us face to face with the variety that exists in this vast world.

I am tired of travelling.

I shall be travelling at this time tomorrow.

There are many reasons why the people do travelling.

I am tired of travelling.

The train you are travelling by is very fast.

I can never forget the inconvenience I had to face while travelling in this overcrowded bus.

There are many reasons why the people do travelling.

He is not in the habit of travelling in local buses.

When you’re travelling, the less luggage you have to carry the better.

I feel sick while travelling by a bus.

Please figure out the expense towards travelling trip.

How many travellers were travelling in this train?

The train is travelling very fast.

I am very fond of travelling.

I avoid travelling by bus as much as I can.

He loved travelling.

I am travelling in a second class compartment.

He was travelling secretly under an alias.

The car was travelling so fast that it was soon out of sight.

She hates travelling by boat as she becomes seasick.

She faked illness in order to avoid travelling.

We are travelling to Kolkata by rail.

She is travelling around Europe at the moment.

I prefer travelling by train.

Travelling is an essential part of education these days.

All the three persons travelling in the car died on the spots.

I was travelling by the trailer bus.

I was travelling from Jalandhar to Delhi.

I was travelling in a bus some days back.

He loved travelling and travelled ceaselessly to many countries.

Our travelling agent will wait upon you next week.

I was travelling in a crowded bus.

There are people who look with disdain on travelling by train.

It’s travelling very fast.

Are you interested in travelling around the country, or would you like to stay in one place?

How many travellers were travelling in this train?

In general travelling in pregnancy can be safe, but there are certain precautions that must be taken.

The things I like to do most while travelling are reading and sleeping.

The train is travelling very fast.

I like travelling quite a bit.

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