toxic in a sentence


The toxic ingredients in beauty products can cause long-term consequences as they can stay longer in contact with the skin.

Increase your water intake because it helps you to get rid of all toxic wastes.

The excessive spraying of insecticidal medicines makes vegetable and fruits toxic and unfit for human consumption.

Petrol run vehicles emit toxic fumes and pollute the atmosphere.

Many people have become victim of killer diseases because of the presence of toxic substances in water.

This is highly toxic and harmful for both human use and wildlife.

Garbage burning releases a deadly concoction of toxic fumes and harmful chemicals.

Irrigation of vegetables and crops with toxic water is highly harmful.

Relationships can become toxic overtime.

What makes your relationships toxic?

Today, all of us live in toxic environments.

This is highly toxic for humans.

Toxic substances are everywhere.

Avoid Toxic Foods.

It is totally non-toxic.

Most of the health problems are a result of toxic load.

Kidneys act as a filter in our body, helping to remove the toxic materials through urination.

Harmful chemicals and are toxic in nature.

Toxic chemicals are harmful and can cause a lot of health problems.

We are living in a toxic and polluted environment.

Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, and non-toxic gas.

The major contributor to pollution is the smoke and toxic gases like carbon-dioxide, carbon-monoxide etc.

I am opposed to the flow of toxic substances into drains and rivers.

This happens due to the toxic elements present in artificial colours which react with the hair.

The kidneys are responsible for regulating body fluids and excreting toxic waste.

There are several things that you can do to prevent liver damage by toxic substances, .

Such toxic water is very harmful for the soil, aquifers, human life, aquatic life, animals.

The toxic relationship she was in drained her emotionally and mentally.

The company had to recall its product due to the discovery of toxic ingredients.

The toxic culture within the workplace led to high turnover and low employee morale.

She decided to cut ties with toxic friends who were always negative and unsupportive.

The comments on social media became increasingly toxic, resulting in heated arguments.

The psychologist helped her identify and cope with toxic thought patterns.

The effects of toxic waste dumped into the river were devastating for aquatic life.

The movie highlighted the dangers of toxic masculinity and its impact on society.

The toxic behavior of the boss created a hostile work environment for the employees.

The online gaming community was plagued by toxic players who engaged in harassment.

The toxic relationship between the neighbors led to constant disputes and conflicts.

The team had to undergo sensitivity training to address the issue of toxic communication.

The toxic chemicals in the cleaning product were harmful to the environment.

She realized that her constant self-criticism was a toxic mindset holding her back.

The gossip and rumors in the workplace contributed to a toxic atmosphere.

The news article exposed the toxic practices of a major corporation.

The therapist helped him confront and heal from the trauma of a toxic childhood.

The toxic relationship with her ex-partner left deep emotional scars.

The toxic gas leak prompted an evacuation of the surrounding area.

The toxic influence of negative media messages impacted her self-esteem.

The toxic algae bloom in the lake contaminated the water supply.

The toxic political climate led to divisions and polarization in the country.

The toxic chemicals in the factory’s waste contaminated the nearby river, harming aquatic life.

Her toxic behavior towards her colleagues created a hostile and unpleasant work environment.

The toxic fumes emitted by the burning plastic posed a health hazard to those in the vicinity.

The online forum had become a toxic echo chamber, filled with hateful and divisive rhetoric.

After ending the toxic friendship, she felt a sense of relief and regained her self-confidence.

The toxic relationship between the two siblings had strained their family dynamics for years.

The media scrutinized the toxic culture within the organization, leading to public outrage.

The toxic waste disposal site required immediate remediation to prevent further environmental damage.

The toxic relationship had a negative impact on both partners’ emotional and physical health.

The toxic comments on the social media post were quickly reported and removed.

The therapist guided her through the process of healing from a toxic past relationship.

The toxic rumors spread like wildfire, damaging the reputation of the innocent individual.

The employee sought counseling to deal with the effects of a toxic workplace environment.

The toxic attitude of the coach discouraged the players and affected their performance.

The toxic atmosphere during the meeting prevented constructive discussion and problem-solving.

The toxic influence of certain online communities can lead to radicalization and extremist views.

The toxic gas leak in the industrial plant forced residents to evacuate for safety.

The toxic political climate resulted in heated debates and a lack of productive dialogue.

The company conducted regular safety training to ensure employees knew how to handle toxic substances properly.

The toxic relationship took a toll on her mental health, causing anxiety and depression.

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