tortured in a sentence

He was tortured by the police in jail.

The police tortured them in custody.

He was tortured to death.

He was physically tortured before his death.

He was tortured pretty badly.

He was brutally tortured for a number of days.

He was tortured to sign blank papers.

He had been falsely implicated and tortured.

I was tortured by the kidnappers.

Every day we come across stories of Indian women tortured by their husbands.

I am not a tortured person.

Are you being tortured?

He had been tortured since childhood.

Children of alcoholic fathers have been known to be abused or even physically tortured.

He was tortured by the police.

All things tortured her.

The soldier gave away the secrets when the enemy tortured him.

He is tortured.

They tortured the prisoner until he confessed.

They were harassed and tortured all the time.

He never tortured the captured soldiers.

He was tortured by the police.

They tortured them and killed them in cold blood.

The boss tortured the workers with his criticism.

The problem tortured the chief.

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