Thinks-word meaning in punjabi

Noun : ਸੋਚਦਾ ਹੈ

Example Sentences :

He thinks in terms of his own country.

He thinks himself better than other people.

He thinks nothing of poverty.

She thinks that she’s always right.

Everyone thinks the same way.

She thinks he is lazy.

She thinks about her family.

She thinks about her dog.

David thinks he’s so important. He always looks down on the other people in his office.

She thinks about him when she’s feeling lonely.

He is mistaken if he thinks that he can always have his own way.

He thinks it’s time for him to ask for help.

He thinks she should apologize to him.

He thinks only about himself.

He thinks he can do anything if he puts his mind to it.

Everyone thinks He married her for her money.

She’s only going to tell you what she thinks you want to hear.

He does what he thinks is right.

She thinks of getting married several times.

She wants to explain what she thinks on this issue.

He thinks he could lose face by admitting his mistake.

He thinks that his viewpoint is always correct and that others are in the wrong.

He thinks he’s getting a cold.

She thinks about him every day.

She thinks he is lazy.

He thinks doing these things is boring.

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