Therefore in a Sentence

He is poor, therefore he cannot buy a car.

He was guilty therefore he was punished.

I was ill therefore I was absent yesterday.

The box is very heavy, therefore, I cannot carry it.

She did not work hard, therefore she failed.

He was in bad health, therefore he could not work.

It is already late, therefore you must go.

He wishes to succeed ; therefore he works hard.

I have made a mistake therefore I must suffer.

He was naughty therefore he was punished.

He never approached me therefore I could not help him.

You worked hard therefore you secured good marks.

He was feeling ill and therefore he stayed at home.

He is proud and boastful and therefore I do not like him.

He indulges in tall talk. Therefore, I hate him.

He was dissatisfied from his position, therefore he resigned.

He is honest therefore he was rewarded.

He is a liar, therefore I cannot trust him.

He is proud therefore he will not listen to you.

I am ill and therefore I cannot go to school.

” He is working hard, therefore he will succeed.”

He had slackened in his duties, and was therefore, punished.

He has pleasant manners and therefore he gained many friends.

I have exams, therefore I cannot play.

Technology is developing by leaps and bounds and therefore the computers have to be updated regularly.

He behaved rudely therefore the Principal fined him.

He was dead tired therefore he fell sound asleep.

He was irregular therefore he was dismissed from service.

Education can solve all problems therefore its spread is very necessary.

You were late, therefore, you missed the bus.

He was obstinate, therefore, he was punished.

He did not work hard, therefore he failed.

He has eaten all the biscuits, therefore nothing is left to give you now.

Everyone is convinced of your innocence, and therefore you are free to go.

He did not appear in the test, therefore, he was fined.

He made a mistake and, therefore, the teacher punished him.

I have no money therefore I cannot afford a servant.

He has fever, therefore, he cannot attend the school.

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