then in a sentence

He has not come here since then.

She was very busy then.

Are you glad then?

Now and then all of us make mistakes.

First inquire of the way, then move.

Listen to me first and then form your opinion.

Luckily, he came just then.

First deserve then desire.

He shaved himself and then took his bath.

No sooner he had returned home then his mother felt happy.

I keep on visiting him every now and then.

Pare your nails and then polish them.

I visit church now and then.

He will then let you know everything.

First you think over the words and then speak.

How had you been passing your time since then?

Where should I meet you then?

First deserve, then desire.

I keep fast now and then.

Keep in touch with me, then I can inform you about some job.

Disjoin these wires and then test their respective electrical strength.

The motor mechanic dissembled my car for repairs and then reassembled it.

He could not meet me then because he was teaching.

He set my advise at naught and then suffered.

We took food in a hotel and then made for our way.

If we plan in advance then we shall be able to make the most of our time.

If the blood glucose level keeps shooting up, then the first and foremost step is to make changes in the diet.

Now and then she plays tennis.

Read both sides and then decide for yourself.

If you’re not with us then you’re against us.

Every now and then I like to have hot and spicy food.

She argued with him and then hit him.