test in a sentence

He got a opportunity to qualify in the test.

The teacher did not give us a test.

It is not easy to get a place in this school, you have to pass a written test for it.

My sister will be taking a test.

He could not qualify the test.

The teacher did not give us a test.

The teacher will give us a test.

You must complete the test in two hours.

Examinations are the test of knowledge and learning.

He passed the endurance test easily.

Folic acid deficiency is diagnosed with a blood test.

I am is glad that I have passed the test.

I shall take the test.

Can you play tomorrow’s test match?

Has she passed the test ?

He has topped the test.

She was really upset when she failed the test.

I took the test yesterday.

Why had he not taken the test ?

It is a test of one’s character.

This test is carried on a mass scale.

Examination are not a sure test of one’s ability.

He passed his entrance test and got a good position.

Kindly grant me exemption from this test.

The result of the test was announced yesterday.

Accidents and diseases test man’s patience.

We did the test well.

I have not been able to do very well in my Physics test this month.

The test results were surprising.

She passed the test with ease.

I shall take a test tomorrow.

The real test is practical not theoretical.

I have passed the house test in the first division.

The test is performed by highly skilled doctors.

We’re going to have a test today.

He cheated on the test by copying from the girl in front.

He passed his driving test on his first attempt.

He turns in his test blank.

He has a test tomorrow.

This test is done to look for fractures or dislocations.

I was disappointed to hear the test results.

He does a test every day.

The results of a lie detector test are inadmissible in court.

He made sure the test was checked carefully.

We wish we didn’t have to take a test in English.

What kind of test is that?

Take each step seriously and practice hard for the test and interview to ensure success.

I passed a test in Japanese.

All the vehicles behaved well on their test runs.

The test was a piece of cake.

When we are faced with difficulty and are at the edge of disaster then is the true test of a real friend.

You have to test if you have thyroid.

I’m taking my driving test tomorrow.

We are going to make a test of the engine tomorrow.

I’ll have to take a make-up test in English next week.

The test result showed how much he had studied.

I failed my driving test through carelessness.

It is very important to test the soil before constructing a building.

He will pass the test with credit.

Always do a patch test before you go for bleaching.

The past 25 days had been days of acid test for them.

We shall be given a test by the teacher.

This test proves it all!

It is not the true test of one’s ability.

He could be passed the test easily.

Everything was subjected to the test of reason.

You must complete the test in two hours.

The boy who stood first in the test is known to me.

Our test results were good.

I’ve got a test tomorrow.

There’s nothing like close combat to test one’s mettle.

He flunked his driving test three times.

Get a patch test done before using the sunscreen.

Yesterday the teacher told us that he would give us a test today.

He gives a test every Friday.

I have to take the test again.

I think I’ll take the test this time.

Your test papers must be handed in by Monday.

True friendship stands the test of time.

His test scores are bad.

We shall be given a test by the teacher.

You must clear the test to get this job.

You must clear the test or you will not get this job.

Is he going to fail the test?

I have a test tomorrow.

It had always been in his nature to test something thoroughly before he could accept it.

He did well in his test because he had worked hard.

He turns in his test blank.

The coming days will test its talent to land on its feet.

You have an English test tomorrow

We have a test tomorrow.

There is no verbal test for this examination.

Do you have any idea how important your test grades are?

I woke up in the morning with the fear of taking the test for which I was not prepared.

He handed in a blank test paper.

He didn’t think he could pass the test without cheating.

The results of the test were negative.

It’s the best way to test yourself.

He passed the test as was expected.

We will have an English test this afternoon.

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