teenage in a sentence

Rapid changes take place in your body and mind at teenage due to hormonal secretion and change.

In teenage your body creates huge amount of hormones like androgens, which leads more oil production.

Do you know why teenage pregnancy is dangerous?

Loss of appetite is one of the common issues that can be observed among teenage children.

Is it possible to have white hair in teenage?

Teenage is an important phase of our life.

This is the best ways to treat acne and pimple in teenage.

Teenage pregnancy is usually stressful.

Teenage is the period in your life when there are lots of internal changes happening in your body.

Skin care during the teenage years is one of the keys to having good skin all your life.

Teenage behavior problems are difficult for parents to handle.

Teenage make up is the latest fashion.

Teenage is the time, when a lot of body changes occur.

Teenage years are the most innocent and memorable years of one’s life.

Love at first sight is basically a teenage syndrome.

Breakouts can be very common in our teenage years.

You can fall in love in your teenage years.

Teenage years are unquestionably the most beautiful phase of a person’s life.

Teenage years are the most delicate years of a person’s life.

Acne is a common skin problem in the teenage years.

Contrary to popular belief, pimples and acne are not just a teenage problem.

The singer is very popular with teenage fans.

The singer is very popular with teenage fans.