teach in a sentence

History has many things to teach us.

My brother loves to teach the poor students without any charge.

Games teach us team spirit, discipline and quality of leadership.

What lessons do the trees teach us?

Parents teach their children to walk by holding index finger.

When we teach others to lie for us, a day will come when they will lie to us too.

Trees teach us that we should live for the sake of others.

I teach for pleasure and not for money.

She will teach us from next week.

I shall teach him a lesson.

Books teach us many good qualities.

You should teach good things.

Parents teach children good manners.

He wanted to teach his enemy a lesson.

They teach energetically.

He will teach me.

When will you teach me how to cook biryani?

We shall not teach you.

I teach in a school.

I will teach you how to operate it.

He does not teach us.

You should teach him a lesson.

I shall teach you this poem tomorrow.

I can teach you.

I will teach a new lesson today.

She will teach them music.

I decided to teach him a lesson.

Do you teach him ?

I shall teach you if you give me money.

I am too old to teach you.

Where do you teach the students ?

He takes pains to teach the students.

He used to teach his younger sister before her marriage.

Games teach the spirit of sportsmanship.

Games teach us co-operation and discpline.

He wanted to teach him a lesson.

What does this story teach us ?

How does he teach you ?

The literates should teach the illiterates.

He can teach any class.

We must teach them a lesson now.

Did she teach you ?

My business here is to teach you.

Please teach me to speak well.

Did he teach you ?

They teach with devotion and cater to the needs of the students.

He has agreed to teach me daily for one hour.

We should teach the youth of our country to make themselves disciplined.

Failures teach us many good things.

Games teach man to live with-in certain limits.

Whom did you teach ?

He wants me to teach him English.

I shall teach you a lesson.

What good habits does work teach us ?

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