Taught-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : शिक्षित

Example Sentences :

He taught a group of Indian boys.

She taught me how to swim.

Who taught you how to dance?

Is Japanese taught in your school now?

The accident taught me to be careful.

English is taught in most countries.

English is taught almost all over the world today.

I was taught English by a foreigner.

The teacher taught them that the earth is round.

Who taught her how to speak English?

I taught him how to swim.

He taught me how to write.

She taught me how to write a poem.

I was being taught to cheat.

My mother taught me not to waste money.

She taught him how to play the piano.

The teacher taught the class.

Who taught you to play the piano?

He taught them how to sail ships.

He taught me history.

This taught me a good lesson.

My parents had taught me about the perils of the jungle.

We were being taught in the morning.

We taught them how to read and write.

I am taught by a number of teachers.

It was you who taught me to sing.

Who taught you all this ?

She has taught me.

By whom are you taught English ?

By whom were you taught such tricks as these ?

They have taught their tongue to speak lies.

He taught us history.

He taught me how to speak English.

Who taught you to dance ?

Experience has taught us many lessons.

He taught me English as well.

In India English is taught as a second language right from primary school.

The teacher taught us a new lesson.

He taught people to believe in God.

He taught me many new things.

When she was eight, he taught her to drive.

Whom had you taught ?

I met a professor who taught me ten years ago.

The battle of Kargil has taught us many lessons.

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