task in a sentence


To lose weight is an easy task if you put your mind to it.

Choosing a profession is not an easy task.

Can we entrust him with this task?

Every task is a challenge.

He has commissioned me to get this task completed.

A big task can be made simpler by dividing into smaller tasks

This is a Herculean task for me.

To provide of for every educated person is an uphill task for any government.

I postponed the task of answering my mail.

We have a difficult task before us.

Why do you impose such a heavy task on me ?

It was indeed a thankless task to arbitrate between the two.

I have checked the home task of the students.

One half of this task is completed.

Getting selected in IAS is a herculean task for everybody.

She had not finished her home task till sunset.

He accomplished the task with unflogging industry.

The task is more difficult than you expect.

It is a Herculean task to teach that dull boy.

Are you confident to execute this task with success?

Take him to task for his negligence.

We can finish this task in a month.

It is a burdensome task to prepare a good pitch for the coming cricket match in this rainy season.

The teacher took him to task for not doing homework.

He was not only taken to task but also given a sound beating.

You must finish the task by two o’clock whether you wish it or not.

One half of the task is now done.

Those who have no task to do are likely to go astray and fall into evil ways.

Many times he is taken to task by his father.

The teacher took me to task for not having done my home task.

The task was too heavy for anyone to do single-handedly.

Will you help me in this difficult task ?

I do my home task daily.

We should start each task only after judging its pros and cons.

She performed her task with the utmost efficiency.

A difficult task becomes easy for a man of strong will.

She completed the challenging task of solving a complex math problem in record time.

The students were given a writing task to compose an essay on their favorite book.

The construction crew worked diligently to complete the task of building a new bridge.

As a team, they divided the tasks and responsibilities to efficiently organize the charity event.

The project manager delegated each team member with specific tasks to ensure a smooth workflow.

The cleaning crew efficiently tackled the task of deep-cleaning the entire office building.

The volunteers willingly took on the task of planting trees in the community park.

The detective embarked on the challenging task of solving a high-profile murder case.

The IT department handled the task of upgrading the company’s computer systems.

The artist meticulously worked on the intricate task of painting a detailed landscape.

The project team collaborated to brainstorm innovative ideas for the upcoming task.

The athlete trained rigorously to prepare for the demanding task of a marathon.

The receptionist efficiently managed the task of scheduling appointments and managing phone calls.

The scientist eagerly took on the task of conducting experiments to test the new hypothesis.

The CEO entrusted his assistant with the task of drafting an important business proposal.

The programmer focused on the critical task of debugging the software to ensure its smooth functioning.

The team leader organized a meeting to discuss the upcoming tasks and assign responsibilities to team members.

The emergency response team swiftly handled the task of rescuing people trapped in a collapsed building.

The event planner meticulously coordinated every detail to ensure the seamless execution of the task.

The students collaborated on a group task to present their findings on a scientific experiment.

The graphic designer worked on the challenging task of creating a visually appealing and informative infographic.

The chef demonstrated the proper techniques for each cooking task during the culinary class.

The customer service representative efficiently handled the task of resolving customer inquiries and complaints.

The architect skillfully designed the blueprint for the new building, taking into account various technical tasks.

The librarian organized a reading task for the children, encouraging them to explore various books.

The marketing team strategized to execute the task of launching a new product in the market.

The negotiator diplomatically approached the delicate task of settling a dispute between two parties.

The judge presided over the legal task of hearing arguments and delivering a fair verdict.

The HR manager handled the sensitive task of conducting employee performance evaluations.

The wildlife biologist conducted field research to observe and document animal behavior as part of their research task.

The tour guide managed the logistical tasks of arranging transportation and accommodations for the group.

The HR department organized a team-building task to foster cooperation and unity among employees.

The software engineer was assigned the challenging task of developing a new mobile app.

The historian carefully analyzed primary sources as part of their task of writing a comprehensive historical account.

The customer support team multitasked to efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

The conservationist led the task of planting trees and restoring a degraded ecosystem to its natural state.

The project manager led a brainstorming session to generate creative ideas for tackling a particularly complex task.

The financial analyst meticulously analyzed data to complete the task of preparing detailed financial reports.

The administrative assistant efficiently managed the task of scheduling meetings and coordinating appointments for the executive team.

The environmentalist organized a cleanup task for volunteers to help remove litter and debris from a local beach.

The choreographer choreographed an intricate dance routine for the dancers to perform as part of their upcoming task.

The team of engineers collaborated on the challenging task of designing a new and innovative product.

The social worker worked diligently to address the urgent task of providing assistance to families affected by a natural disaster.

The mediator skillfully guided the parties through the difficult task of negotiating a resolution to their conflict.

The research team faced the daunting task of conducting experiments and gathering data for their scientific study.

The safety inspector conducted a thorough inspection as part of the task of ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

The event organizer coordinated a team of volunteers to manage various tasks during the community festival.

The consultant was hired to undertake the critical task of conducting a comprehensive market analysis.

The humanitarian aid workers focused on the urgent task of delivering much-needed supplies to a crisis-stricken region.

The architect presented the plan and delegated specific tasks to the construction team to begin building the structure.

The IT specialist undertook the task of troubleshooting and resolving technical issues for the company’s computer systems.

The journalist researched and interviewed sources as part of the task of writing an in-depth investigative report.

The quality control team performed rigorous inspections as part of their task of ensuring product quality and safety.

The teacher guided the students through the task of conducting a science experiment to learn about chemical reactions.

The sales team collaborated on the task of preparing sales presentations and pitching the company’s products to potential clients.

The coach devised a training plan to prepare the athletes for the challenging task of competing in the upcoming tournament.

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