Worst synonym-another word for worst in English

Inferior, Lesser, Worse, Low-Grade, Substandard, Common, Commonplace, Everyday, Familiar, Frequent, Garden, Household, Normal, Ordinary, Routine, Ubiquitous, Usual   Example Sentences : This pleased them worst of all. This is the worst book I’ve ever read. The cold was the worst in fifty years. One of the worst famines have taken place. The hour before the … Read more

Wide synonym-another word for wide in English

Ample, Broad, Deep, Expanded, Extensive, Far-Reaching, Full, Immense, Large, Loose, Spacious, Vast, Advanced, All-Inclusive, Baggy, Capacious, Catholic, Commodious, Comprehensive, Dilated, Distended, Encyclopedic, Far-Ranging, General, Inclusive, Large-Scale, Liberal, Open, Outspread, Outstretched, Progressive, Radical   Example Sentences : Walls and floors have wide cracks. How wide is this river? Talented students come from far and wide to … Read more

Safe synonym-another word for safe in English

Intact, Protected, Secure, Okay, Snug, Buttoned Up, Cherished, Free From Danger, Guarded, Home-Free, Impervious, Impregnable, In Safety, Inviolable, Invulnerable, Maintained, Out Of Danger, Out Of Harm’s Way, Preserved, Safe And Sound, Safeguarded, Sheltered, Shielded, Sitting Pretty, Tended, Unassailable, Undamaged, Under Lock And Key, Under One’s Wing, Unharmed, Unhurt, Uninjured   Example Sentences : I heard … Read more

Patient synonym-another word for patient in English

Calm, Forgiving, Gentle, Quiet, Tolerant, Long-Suffering, Understanding, Accommodating, Composed, Easy-Going, Enduring, Even-Tempered, Forbearing, Imperturbable, Indulgent, Lenient, Meek, Mild, Mild-Tempered, Persevering, Persistent, Philosophic, Philosophical, Resigned, Self-Possessed, Serene, Stoical, Submissive   Example Sentences : He attempted to save the patient but it was too late. Before the doctor arrives, the patient will have breathed his last. The … Read more

Nice synonym-another word for nice in English

Cordial Ducky Fair, Friendly, Good, Kind, Lovely, Okay, Superior, Swell, Welcome, Winning, Admirable, Amiable, Approved, Attractive, Becoming, Charming, Commendable, Considerate, Copacetic, Courteous, Decorous, Delightful, Favorable, Fine And Dandy, Genial, Gentle, Gracious, Helpful, Ingratiating, Inviting, Kindly, Nifty, Obliging, Peachy   Example Sentences : People sometimes think that it would be nice to do no work. We … Read more

Many synonym-another word for many in English

Gobs, Heaps, Horde, Jillion, Large Numbers, Mass, Multitude, Oodles, Piles, Plenty, Scads, Scores, Thousands, Throng, Tons, Umpteen, Whole Slew Example Sentences : This dam was built at the cost of many lives. He learned many Japanese songs by heart. At one time there were many slaves in America. There are many interesting animals in Australia. … Read more

Life synonym-another word for life in English

Activity, Growth, Heart, Soul, Being, Breath, Brio, Dash, Energy, Enthusiasm, Entity, Esprit, Essence, Excitement, Get-Up-And-Go, Go, Impulse, Lifeblood, Liveliness, Oomph, Sentience, Sparkle, Verve, Viability, Vigor, Vitality, Vivacity, Zest, Zing Example Sentences : How happy is the man of blameless life ! It did not occur to me even for a moment that my life could … Read more

Large synonym-another word for large in English

broad, considerable, enormous, extensive, full, generous, giant, gigantic, grand, great, hefty, huge, immense, massive, populous, sizable, spacious, substantial, vast, wide, blimp, comprehensive, gross, liberal, roomy, super, sweeping, thumping, tidy   Example Sentences : This box must be large enough for all these books. This large sofa would be out of place in a small room. … Read more

Interesting synonym-another word for interesting in English

Alluring, Amusing, Attractive, Beautiful, Compelling, Curious, Delightful, Engaging, Exotic, Fascinating, Impressive, Intriguing, Lovely, Pleasing, Provocative, Readable, Refreshing, Stimulating, Striking, Thought-Provoking, Unusual Example Sentences : It’s not even interesting to me. I found nothing interesting in that magazine. Have you read any interesting books lately? It is interesting to look at the stars. He told us … Read more