sympathetic in a sentence

Our Principal is strict but sympathetic.

He was very sympathetic and kind.

We should be sympathetic towards the weak and old.

He is co-operative, helpful and sympathetic.

My mother is kind and sympathetic at heart.

This case will be dealt with a sympathetic manner.

He gave me a sympathetic look.

We should be sympathetic to the helpless persons.

We should adopt sympathetic attitude towards the helpless persons.

Friends are known to be sympathetic during tough times.

The management has assured the workers on sympathetic consideration to all reasonable demands.

You should take a sympathetic view of our genuine grievances.

The government has shown sympathetic attitude towards us.

He is a shrewd and sympathetic listener.

Women tend to be more sympathetic about weight problems.

A sympathetic response can heal a rift.

Be sympathetic towards AIDS patients.

Sympathetic attitude of the family and friends is of utmost importance for the patients.

I am not sympathetic to anyone.

She is sympathetic to sufferers.

I pray you to consider my case sympathetically.

How sympathetic he is !

How sympathetic he is.

They are friendly and sympathetic.

You have always been kind and sympathetic.

I am sympathetic to the suffering humanity.

He was very considerate to the poor.

I hope you will consider my case sympathetically.

My teacher is very kind and sympathetic.

He is sympathetic to the poor.

Thank you very much for your most kind and sympathetic letter.

She listened to my story sympathetically.

Our Principal is sympathetic with the poor students.

She is sympathetic to the poor.

I hope that my application will receive the most sympathetic consideration at your hands.

He will always help them in every possible way.

He always tries to understand the problems of the students very sympathetically.

He is a man of sympathetic nature.

I always speak sympathetically.

The director wouldn’t be very sympathetic, would he?

A person who pretends to be sorrowful or sympathetic is said to shed crocodile tears.

A good doctor is sympathetic to his patients.

They were very sympathetic.

He’s sympathetic to our plan.

The teacher was sympathetic to the student’s struggles and offered extra support to help them catch up with the class.

After hearing about her friend’s loss, Sarah offered her sympathetic words and a comforting embrace.

The doctor was kind and sympathetic, taking the time to listen to the patient’s concerns and fears.

The judge showed a sympathetic demeanor towards the defendant’s difficult circumstances, but justice still had to be served.

The community was very sympathetic to the family who lost their home in the fire, and they rallied together to provide assistance.

As a therapist, she always tried to be understanding and sympathetic towards her clients’ emotional struggles.

The rescue team showed a sympathetic approach when dealing with the survivors of the natural disaster, providing comfort and aid.

The company’s management was sympathetic to the employees’ demands for better working conditions and increased benefits.

Mary’s friends were very sympathetic when she shared her personal challenges, offering their support and encouragement.

The receptionist was sympathetic when the customer explained their frustrating experience, and she promised to escalate the issue to the relevant department.

The novel’s protagonist was a sympathetic character with whom readers could easily connect and empathize.

The charity organization provided a sympathetic ear to those in need, offering emotional support along with practical assistance.

Despite her busy schedule, she always found time to be a sympathetic listener for her friends who needed to talk.

The documentary shed light on the plight of endangered species, prompting a sympathetic response from viewers around the world.

The city’s residents were sympathetic to the homeless population, organizing shelters and food drives to help those in need.

When the elderly woman lost her wallet, a sympathetic passerby offered to pay for her groceries.

The news of the accident touched the hearts of many, and people were quick to express their sympathetic messages online.

The counselor provided a sympathetic environment for grieving children to express their emotions and cope with loss.

The film’s emotional storyline elicited a deeply sympathetic reaction from the audience, who were moved to tears.

The support group created a safe space where individuals with similar experiences could offer sympathetic advice and understanding.

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