syllabi in a sentence

We need to improve our textbooks and syllabi in such a way that students do not need to rely on the cheap notes.

Syllabi for the school children should be such as can be interesting and informative.

You must be devote maximum possible time to your prescribed syllabi.

Professional courses should be introduced in the syllabi.

Some schools have decided to make Sunday working in order to complete the syllabi of students within stipulated time.

How do you expect us to complete syllabi of one year within six months.

Syllabi should be upgraded regularly because knowledge is developing at a fast pace today.

I need to send them copies of all my syllabi.

All these states have different syllabi and courses of study.

We need to improve our textbooks and syllabi.

You can be topper by mugging up the syllabi, but if one doesn’t understand the stuff it doesn’t pay much in practical life.

I feel very relaxed as there is no tension of learning the whole syllabi.

Education board plans changes in syllabi.

Today, these books are part of the syllabi in many parts of the country.

We are yet to cover this in our syllabi.

We are trying our best to make the syllabi modern and useful.

We are going to introduce a new syllabus in syllabi of the Industrial Training .

Teachers seek change in syllabi.


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