Sweet antonym-opposite word of sweet in English

Unsavory, Acid, Bitter, Cacophonous, Discordant, Malodorous, Mean, Salty, Sour, Stinking, Stinky

Example sentences of Sweet :

Some flowers give off a sweet fragrance at night.
His words are as sweet as sugar.
Apple are sweet to eat.
What a sweet music this is ?
Please pay us a visit along with your sweet better half.
The birds sang sweet songs for children.
Milk is sweet when tasted.
“He turned away face from the sweet shop.”
What sweet dishes you have ?
Could I have some sweet dish too.
Your sweet letter has sunken me in the sweet fragrance of our love.
Is this medicine sweet when tasted ?
In the spring season, my garden is full of sweet flowers.
The shopkeepers are generally very sweet in talk.
Lost deeply in sweet memories of the Taj, I left Agra halfheartedly.
I was deeply impresseds by their politeness and sweet tempers.
My friend sang many sweet songs on the occasion of my birthday party.
Banana is sweet when tasted.
His sweet behaviour pleases everybody.
I have sweet memories of those days.
He has a very sweet voice and sings very nicely.
Her words are as sweet as honey.
He has a very sweet temper.
We had sweet dish of pudding.
A sweet song will be sung by Kavita.
What sweet would you like ?
Does honey taste sweet ?
This mango is sweet when tasted.
When it comes, it leaves sweet memories behind it.
The singer was gifted a sweet voice.
Sugar is sweet when tasted.
Is the medicine sweet when tasted ?
Did she not sing a sweet song?
Some prefer sweet while others love salt.
She sang her sweet song with feeling.
Badam halwa is a traditional Indian sweet that is popular across the country.
I want something sweet to eat.
I can’t drink such sweet stuff.
The melon smells sweet and tastes very nice.
Sleep well my love and sweet dreams.
He saw a sweet dream last night.
That’s very sweet of you.
Betty has a sweet voice.
I was fascinated by her sweet voice.
She was beguiled by his sweet words.

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