survive in a sentence

In the polluted water the fish and other water creatures cannot survive.

In modern times, no business can survive without advertising.

To survive, we need to breathe fresh air and oxygen.

All the living-things need air to survive.

The bacteria which are responsible for the odour cannot survive on the skin if the pH value of the skin is low.

We can’t survive for long without forests and natural resources.

We cannot survive without trees.

How did you survive?

Can A Marriage Without Intimacy survive?

How long does a sperm cell survive once it is ejaculated?

We survive on food.

A person can survive without food for days and weeks, but cannot survive without water.

You do need financial success to survive in this world.

This plant can survive in extreme shade.

No human being can survive without water.

They cannot survive without one another.

It is difficult to survive alone.

We all need to drink water in order to survive.

It is not possible for a person to survive with low blood content in the body system.

We all require water to survive.

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