supper in a sentence

After supper, I go out for a short stroll.

After supper, I spend some time with my brother and sister watching T.V.

As soon as I got back to my inn I got my supper and got to bed.

Come and have supper with us if you are not doing thing tonight.

Come and have supper with us if you are not doing anything tonight.

Have you eaten supper yet?

He prepared supper by himself.

He was punished by being sent to bed without any supper.

He was tired and puffing as he came dashing home at supper time.

He’ll have finished his supper.

I cooked supper last night.

I don’t eat supper because I want to lose some weight.

I don’t feel like eating supper tonight.

I have my supper at a quarter past seven.

I will eat supper at seven.

I’d like to have meat for supper this evening.

It seems that supper will be late.

Mom is fixing supper now.

My mother is preparing a delicious-smelling supper.

They haven’t had supper yet.

We could eat supper before it

We have supper at about eight.

We have supper at six every evening.

We usually have supper at 7 pm.

We were seated at the supper table.

What did you have for supper?

Would you like to have supper with us on the weekend?