superfluous in a sentence

He does not indulge in any form of such superfluous activities.

We had been suffering a loss of Rs 20 lakh annually on account of mismanagement and superfluous expenditure.

We should not clutter the films with superfluous inanities.

The remaining time was spent on non-academic or superfluous matters.

He did not believe in any superfluous promises and commitments.

This week you shall remain absorbed in superfluous matters.

This expenditure is totally superfluous.

His statement was superfluous and I think he was misguided.

Due to this, students were being graded on superfluous basis.

Not a single dialogue is superfluous or out of place.

We have become slaves of expensive and superfluous rituals.

Shun the superfluous ideas .

Submitting large quantities of superfluous documentation will slow down the consideration process.

Shaving is the easiest, cleanest and cheapest way of removing superfluous hair.

Eliminate superfluous words from your speech.

This is the question of superfluous expression.

He made a superfluous remark.

There was always too much superfluous writing in his essays.