sunstroke in a sentence

He will die of sunstroke if he keeps on like this.

In case of sunstroke remove all kinds of extra clothing.

Onion juice has often been mentioned for the treatment of sunstroke.

He died of sunstroke.

One person died due to sunstroke here today.

Due to the rise in temperature, cases of sunstroke have started surfacing.

Many persons have died due to sunstroke in this city in a few days.

My daughter fell unconscious due to sunstroke.

We must take umbrellas or head clothes to save ourselves from sunstroke.

This is a popular remedy for sunstroke.

My elder daughter had suffered sunstroke a couple of days back.

Sunstroke can be dangerous, especially if you are travelling.

Sunstroke is a common occurrence in summers if you aren’t properly hydrated.

There are many people who are dying of sunstroke every year.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from sunstroke.

He died of sunstroke.

What are the symptoms of sunstroke?

Sunstroke is the most intimidating condition arising out of the scorching sun and humidity.

Drinking Water is very advisable in a situation where you might get sunstroke.

How long can I stay in the sun before sunstroke?

Care is needed in case of sunstroke.