Success-word meaning in hindi

Noun : अर्थसिद्धि, कृतकृत्यता, कृतार्थता, भाग्यवानी, विजय, संपत्ति, संपन्नता, सफल, सफलता, सिद्धि, सौभाग्य, कामयाबी, हासिल करने वाला, सफल व्यक्ति

Example Sentences :

I dream of my success in this business.

We attribute Edison’s success to intelligence and hard work.

Can you define success ?

It is a bitter truth that without getting success in life, these dreams of luxurious life can not be fulfilled.

Your success is certain.

His success in the examination surprised everybody.

Many people have certain apprehensions about the success of this concept.

There is no short cut to success in life.

He congratulated me for my success in the examination.

He congratulated me on my success in the examination.

It is a key to success in all spheres of life.

We rejoiced at the success of our friend in the election.

His success went beyond his expectations.

He succeeded although his success was not expected.

Her success in business is amazing.

The success of my book gives me great satisfaction.

Their success was the result of hard work.

It seemed that the success was just round the corner.

Everybody was tired but happy at the success of the day.

I am doubtful of her success in the examination.

My success depends on how you help me.

The report of his success cheered us.

Experiments had reached an advanced stage and it seemed that success was just round the corner.

His success in the examination is quite creditable.

Your success made us happy.

I have no hope of success at all.

You can achieve success by dint of hard work.

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