success in a sentence

There are some people who believe success to be a matter of chance.

Hard work is the only road to success.

We are confident of success.

Hard work is the only key to success.

We are proud of the success that our country has achieved in the field of space.

He told me about his all the struggle of life and his success.

To determine to succeed is the surest way to success.

Once a man learns to help himself, he achieves success in every field.

She is confident of success.

Confidence is the keynote of success.

A man who is willing to achieve success has to be prepared to burn in the fire of ordeals.

Without hard work and intelligence, no success is possible in any profession.

Success is the result of hard work, firm determination and dedication.

Success starts with self-confidence.

Success basically depends on attitudes.

People seek a shortcut success to avoid hard work and long-awaited rewards.

Success is a sweet word.

Success and happiness go hand in hand.

Each step towards success can give happiness if you try to do creatively.

Within each and every one of us is a tremendous potential to overcome obstacles and achieve success; to face difficulties and overcome them.

Americans have an abiding interest in the success of a democratic.

Happiness and fulfillment are assumed to be the results of success, money and fame.

History is replete with examples of people who have found, to their dismay, that money, fame or success do not ensure happiness.

Good health is the key to success in life and a source of true enjoyment.

What is the secret of success?

There is no certainty of your success.

His success has aroused jealousy among his colleagues.

One must keep doing efforts till he meets success.

You can not achieve success till you do not enjoy the work which you are doing.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this brilliant success.

Boasting of our possessions is not a sign of success.

Promotion is dependant upon your record of success.

I congratulate you on your success.

Everyone desires success.

I congratulate you on your success.

Thinking in an intelligent manner leads to success.

He got success in the test.

Everyone in the house is happy at my success.

Certainly he will get success.

Success is not merely winning applause.

I wish you success.

My success in the examination is quite certain.

We attained a high degree of success through quality management.

May God grant you success !

Her success depends on how you help her.

I am glad to learn of your success.

You will have heard about his success.

I wondered at her success.

Some people do not work hard however they get success.

My wife prayed for my success.

I heard of your success.

Hardwork is the key to success.

Your success is certain.

I am sure of his success.

I wish them success in their new venture.

He was not carried away by success.

She is eager for success.

Our success was cried down by our enemies.

I was very glad at his success.

He prided himself on his success.

He is certain of his success in the election.

You should carry on your work to get success.

He is not hopeful of his success in the competition.

He got a great success in cricket.

Unless we put our heart and soul into our work, we cannot achieve success.

He rejoiced in his own success.

One who seizes the opportunity when it comes makes a success in life.

The secret of his success lies in his veracity.

He was rewarded with immediate success.

We congratulate you on your success.

He has no hope of success in the mission.

One must be up and doing if one wish to achieve success in life.

He was gladdened by the news of his success in the examination.

He brought success to the project by his skillful handling.

Man cannot get success without labour.

He passed away when success was just round the corner.

This book is a key to success.

His success is sure.

I shall tell you the secret of his success.

The exhibition was a grand success in every way.

This success of yours is well-deserved.

God bless you with success !

We are sure to meet success one day.

I wish you success in your work.

Are you sure of your success ?

Take the time by the forelock and success is yours.

Gird up your loins and success is yours.

Can you define success ?

His success gave me delight.

I am sure of you success next time.

We should know that success and failure are the two sides of a coin.

I congratulated her on success in the examination.

She has no hope of success in the examination.

He got a great success in cricket.

He got success in the test.

It was a glorious success for my friend when he stood first in the university.

His success is doubtful.

His success went beyond what he expected.

Why should you be envious of his success ?

Your success has brought a great credit to your institution.

I am ready to work body and soul for the success of the enterprise.

Your success in the examination depends upon how much you have worked hard.

Unless one is sociable, one cannot achieve success in business.

The road to success isn’t easy, it is paved with difficulties.

I have doubts about the success of their plan.

The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.

The success of her novel made her rich.

Happiness and success in life do not depend on our circumstances.

She attributed her success to luck.

I don’t like his boasting of his success in business.

He ascribed his success to hard work.

He owed his success to both ability and industry.

His success is the result of many years of perseverance.

I owe my success to you.

Her help is vital to the success of this plan.

This success of yours is well-deserved.

He owed his success to his father.

Good health is conducive to success in life.

You cannot achieve success without hard work.

Provided you work hard, your success is sure.

He succeeded although his success was not expected.

He got success in the test.

He has been labouring for success in business.

I congratulate you on your excellent success in the examination.

He is confident of his success in the examination.

We usually forget that real success comes with hard labour.

We rejoiced at the success of our friend in the election.

His success is due to hard work.

T His success came as a surprise to us.

Are you sure of success in this examination?

Your success is definite.

One cannot buy success from a store.

My success in the coming Monthly test is out of the question.

I want success in life.

His success in the election is certain.

His success is quite apparent.

All parents desire that their children climb high on the ladders of success in life.

Your success in the enterprise depends on your effort.

Skillful management made a success of the business.

We have heard of your success in the exam.

I owe my success to him.

His success is the result of hard work.

He often attributes his success to his wife.

He attributes his success to hard work.

He expected great success in the project from me.

He was ambitious of success in business.

He achieved great success in life.

Her success was due to sheer hard work.

She attained her success through hard work.

She achieved great success in her business.

I wish you success in your work.

I owe my success to my friends.

My success was mainly due to your help.

I attribute my success to this.

He thinks that his success is due to luck.

Most of the credit for our success goes to you.

Your success is the result of your hard work.

We took his success for granted.

Our success depends upon whether you will help us or not.

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