Success definition and meaning


  1. Attainment of fame
  2. Good fortune
  3. Things that attains success
  4. outcome
  5. Attainment of one’s object

Example Sentences :

Lack of Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is a key to achieving success with any thing you do.

Whenever they are free they will think about achieving their success and imagine their winnings.

Successful people visualize and imagine their success every moment.

Google’s success has made Larry Page one of the richest people in the world.

We are anxious for your success in the examination.

This company owes its success to him.

Your success in the enterprise depends on your effort.

Skillful management made a success of the business.

I am very happy about my son’s success in his recital.

She attributed her success to luck.

She attained her success through hard work.

My algorithm has a 90% success rate.

Your success is the result of your hard work.

Your success depends upon whether you work hard or not.

I owe my success to you.

We have heard of your success in the exam.

The success of her novel made her rich.

I don’t like his boasting of his success in business.

He often attributes his success to his wife.

She attributed her success to good luck.

I owe my success to their help.

He attributed his success to her help.

Once you have a lot of success you become a target in many ways.

Well I think that there’s a very thin dividing line between success and failure.

He thinks that his success is due to luck.

My success was mainly due to your help.

I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.

Their success has a lot to do with their diligence.

I congratulated her on her success in the examination.

He expected great success in the project from me.

He owed his success to both ability and industry.

I wish you success in your work.

I owe my success to my friends.

Getting success is not just enough for a joyous life.

We took his success for granted.

Our success depends upon whether you will help us or not.

Most people judge men only by their success or their good fortune.

I owe my success to him.

Our success depend on your efforts.

He owes his success only to good luck.

Courage is essential for success in life.

Are you sure of your success?

Congratulations on your success !

His success in the examination is creditable.

May god grant you your well-deserved success next time.

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his grand success in the examination.

Once a man learns to help himself, he achieves success in every field.

He had fears and doubts in his mind about the success of the operation.

A students’ success in the examination is , generally a feather in his parents’ cap these days.

Courage is necessary for success in life.

Cleverness, wit, false outward show may succeed in the beginning, but this success is short-lived.

May you achieve greater success in your next examination!

The exhibition was a success in every way.

He won success and fame at the end.

They develop the habits of self-help and self- reliance which are the qualities essential for success in life.

God wants that people should work hard and achieve success in life.

He said that it seemed that success had been round the corner.

His success delighted me.

You should not lose heart because success always follows failure.

Practice enables a person to reach the pinnacle of success in all walks of life.

Our great success consists of parts which must be completed one after the other.

My success does not make me happy.

I rejoiced not only my own success but also yours.

He is envious of your success in business.

May you get success !

His success was the vindication of my faith in his ability.

He heard of the success of his army.

Our success was cried down by our enemies.

He met with success in all his undertakings.

Everybody wondered at his success.

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