how to use Subject in a Sentence

He lectured on the subject for hours at a stretch.

Does this book bear on the same subject as that?

Math is the toughest subject for me.

Which subject do you like best?

Mathematics is a difficult subject.

I heard him speak on this subject.

He is a master of his subject.

Hindi is my favourite subject.

Would you say something on the subject ?

Physics is a difficult subject.

English is my favourite subject.

Nobody can beat him in the subject.

This book is better than any other book on this subject.

I like this subject.

The subject of my talk is regarding discipline.

His arguments were not apposite to the subject.

He is subject to colds.

His speech was full of digressions from the main subject.

History is an easy subject.

History is my favourite subject.

Don’t try to change the subject.

It does not bring out the subject matter clearly.

Let us discuss this subject in a cooler atmosphere.

He doesn’t have full knowledge of his subject.

He has much information on the subject.

Give your comments on the subject.

Which subject do you not want to read?

There will be no further discussion on the subject.

He is the master of his subject.

I did not correspond with him on this subject.

The rules made by the Government on this subject are just and fair.

We have not covered much of the syllabus in that subject.

He lectured on the subject of drinking.

Tell me something about your favourite subject.

Physics is my favourite subject.

The books are kept subject wise.

He has been working on this subject for many years.

Read the passage carefully and try to get the general idea of the subject or theme of the given passage.

Math is her favorite subject in school.

Mathematics is an easy subject for me.

He compromised on the subject to a certain extent.

He has the subject at his fingertips.

Infants are subject to diseases.

It was very difficult to understand the subject of his lecture.

Everything is subject to the laws of nature.

Are you subject to colds?

We will debate this subject at the meeting.

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