study in a sentence

Students of law have to study the Indian Constitution.

Study skills need to be developed in a child from the very beginning.

Let your study programme not produce boredom or be monotonous.

Some students prefer to study in the open in fresh air.

About three thousand students study in my school.

Despite the shortage of time, I used to study late hours.

I persuaded him to continue his study in the college.

She is eligible for a grant to help her study.

Linguistics is the study of language.

We should have in our heart the never-dying curiosity to study new things.

You have to study seriously.

My father loves to study.

She settled down in her study to read seriously.

This book makes an extensive study of social customs.

Darwin made a scientific study of the origin of man.

I study every day?

I’ll study that.

My brother doesn’t study hard enough.

Do you study every day?

Historians love to study old books.

We should study the lives of great people.

We have to study the nature of the soil before we decide which crops we should grow here.

I study Political Science and Economics.

They study during the day and work at night.

Those who do not take part in games and study all the time, spoil their health.

In which class do you study ?

Do not study at the cost of your health

I love my school where I study and the teachers who guide me.

He used to study hard.

He should devote himself to the study of this subject.

You should gird up your loins and apply yourself to your study.

He was sitting in his study.

I would like my son to study art.

I came here to study.

The study of Mathematics require brains.

We can only come to a reasonable conclusion if we study the problem carefully.

The study of history gives a student the picture of the past.

I study more than 15 hours daily as the examinations are very near.

She likes her children to study hard for the examination.

I do not allow people to smoke in my study.

What should you study?

He used to study.

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