strongly in a sentence

She has a strongly built body, although she is sixty years old.

We are working on it very strongly.

He strongly condemns it.

He is strongly connected with celebrities.

Look in his eyes and make him feel how strongly you feel for him.

Gums holds your teeth strongly in your jaws.

Fruits and vegetables are strongly associated with lowering high blood pressure.

We strongly advise you to consult a physiotherapist at the earliest.

We strongly urge you to try quitting it right now.

I strongly believe in spirituality.

Kids food habit strongly relate to what they practice in their home.

You have to make your stand clear to them and do so strongly.

He is strongly disagree with your opinion.

An atom with high electronegativity attracts electrons strongly.

Why do you feel strongly about this topic?

I want to highlight my key points very strongly early on in the speech.

Embrace me strongly.

He feels strongly about you.

Focus on causes you feel strongly about.

Java is a programming language that strongly implements OOP concept.

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