strong in a sentence

A man of strong will is sure to succeed in life.

We must be strong not only as a military power but also as an economic power.

A country can be strong in the defense field only if it has a strong economic base.

Free and responsible Press can make democracy strong.

Simple pushups at home will make your arms and chest strong.

He is as strong as a horse.

She has strong likes and dislikes.

He is a man of strong resolution.

We need food to build our body strong.

Players have very strong will power which keeps them going.

I am particularly strong in science subjects.

He has a strong body.

Good quality primary education acts as a strong and stable foundation for a child.

Strong bars are fitted to this door.

Armstrong was the first man to reach the moon.

He is a strong person.

I’m strong enough to lift that box without help.

He is strong enough to break it.

He expressed his dissent in very strong words.

The retaliation was too strong to be faced by the enemy.

They lodged a strong protest.

She was strong enough to the problem.

He has a liking for strong tea.

Reading books lays a strong foundation for a better tomorrow.

He had a strong character.

He has strong will-power to make up for this deficiency.

The strong should help the weak.

He is a strong man.

He is now strong enough to stand without anybody’s help.

The impact of cable TV on children is too strong to be ignored.

His foot slipped and he was carried away by a strong current.

I am strong and healthy.

l am not strong though I am young.

There was very strong opposition to him.

He is as strong as his father.

He is endowed with a strong will.

They were very strong and active.

He is a man of strong will.

I shall put in my best efforts to make my country strong and prosperous.

I have a strong scientific orientation.

She is a very strong person.

The current in this river is very strong today.

I am particularly strong in science subjects.

  • Gia always thought she was strong, but as she struggled to hoist the twenty-pound dumbbell she quickly realized she was pretty weak

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