strife in a sentence

The educational system should not only be theoretical and academic, but also give practical knowledge to prepare one for the strife of life.

Life is a prolonged strife.

Social strife can deflect development.

There can be no life without strife.

Political strife and protests are the order the day.

Keep vigil to curb communal strife.

I was never overly concerned about their strife and struggles.

This region has seen a lot of strife and bloodshed.

The Army is on full alert in the strife-torn areas.

Poverty breeds strife.

Keep vigil to curb communal strife

Do not let domestic strife mess up your work.

Curfew relaxed for four hours in strife-hit area.

The police is doing an admirable job against all odds in the strife-torn Valley.

Synonyms of Strife

conflict, controversy, discordance, friction, contention, dispute, struggle, dissension, clash, difficulty