Strength-word meaning in hindi

Noun : उग्रता, गुण, ज़ोर, ताकत, ताक़त, तीव्रता, प्रचंडता, बल, भरोसा, शक्ति, संख्या, कड़ापन, बूता, मज़बूती, शक्तिशाली वस्तु उठाने की ताकत, जनमानस की शक्ति

Example Sentences :

Man rises in life in exact proportion to the strength of his character.

Good citizens constitute the strength of a nation.

Everyone loses strength in his declining years.

What was this strength due to ?

I pray to the almighty to give you strength to justify the trust reposed in you.

Indian Army is a tower of strength for us.

I took him on the strength of your recommendation.

In spite of his great strength he was overcome.

May the departed soul rest in peace and God give you strength to bear the great loss bravely !

I pray to God to give strength and courage to all the members of the family to bear this great loss.

We pray to God to give all of you the strength to bear this great loss with courage and fortitude.

Nutrition is essential for your body to maintain strength.

My strength is all gone.

She was really a pillar of strength to all of us.

I proved the fact on the strength of the data.

His strength is much greater than that of an ordinary man.

The use of tomato is very essential for the strength of teeth and bones.

I have no strength to lift this stone.

Mother is a pillar of strength in everyone’s life.

Powerful communication is the strength of any organization and can help it in many ways.

Prayers cannot stop death or other troubles but they give you strength to fight them.

Families are the pillars of strength because they give us the courage to face the world.

Green vegetables help us to maintain strength and vigor.

It takes a lot of strength to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

This nutritional fruit is beneficial for our bodies and gives us the strength to make our body strong.

A family’s strength is made of many factors.

Early man lived by the strength of his muscles.

For every person the father is the symbol of strength that binds the entire family together.

Family provides us with the strength and courage to go through the different obstacles in life.

He is a great source of inspiration and strength to me.

He is a source of hope and strength to his patients.

Dancing can enhance our muscle tone strength endurance and fitness.

My Mother is my biggest strength and support system.

The very strength of this tool is its neutrality.