street in a sentence

The street of our locality is narrow, full of heaps of dirt and all sorts of smells.

Street hawkers are a common feature of a city life.

A street hawker’s way of selling goods is charming.

He is a household word in our street.

A very old friend of mine ran into me in the street nearby.

The advent of online shopping has caused lots of high street shops to close down.

The street was thronged with the mob.

I saw a street quarrel.

Beggars can be seen wandering from street to street and from door to door.

I request you to pay a visit to our street and see the things for yourself.

He met his friend in the street last night.

This street is the nearest to my house.

The sweepers sweep this street everyday.

The street lights in the locality are inadequate.

The whole street turned into a pool of water.

He is our street postman.

We often witness a street quarrel.

In which street do you have your house ?

The mob thronged the street.

Some boys were playing in the street.

There is no street lights in our colony.

The street was too narrow for the cars to pass.

I see her passing through the street daily.

Who doesn’t love getting wet in the rain or having the delicious street food when it is raining?

Do you need any more reasons to give up on such unhygienic street food?

The main street is very broad.

What’s this street called?

What street is this?

The street was bustling with shoppers.

The street is slippery.

The street is very narrow.

He was standing at the street corner.

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