stranger in a sentence

I want to stay here for the night.

We meet a stranger while travelling on a train.

The stranger stepped into his house.

I am frightened to see a stranger in my bed-room.

The dog sprang upon the stranger.

The dog bit the stranger.

The dog was chasing the stranger.

We saw a stranger in the room.

Did the stranger stare at you ?

I am a stranger in this town.

The stranger recognized him at once.

Where do you live ?

The dogs are barking at the stranger.

She raised a hue and cry when she saw the stranger enter the house.

He is like a stranger in his own home.

Can you tell me the way to the school ?

The dog started yelping at the stranger.

She took me for a stranger.

Thank you very much for your help.

My uncle is a stranger to this city.

I had no practical acquaintance with them.

How strange and changefull life is !

Many strange things have happened since then.

During his tenure of office, many strange things happened.

A moment ago I have heard strange news.

Your words are strange and quite beyond my comprehension.

He has told me a strange story.

In fact, her smiling face has a strange grace.

What is this strange outcry ?

His son is always bringing strange friends home.

I saw a stranger in the street.

Is he a stranger to you?

She took me for a stranger.

I am a stranger to this city.

This dog does not bark at the stranger.

She hesitated before going with a stranger.

Let the stranger come in.

A stranger helped me pick up my things.

I’m quite a stranger around here.

I’m quite a stranger in this town.

I’m a stranger here.

I am a stranger to Chennai.

Let the stranger come in.

From the little conversation we had, I could guess he was a total stranger in the city.

A stranger was seen standing in front of the school gate.

This is one of the easiest way to break ice with a stranger .

I’m a stranger in these parts.

I saw a stranger steal into his house.

I saw a stranger standing at the door.

She is a stranger to me.

We saw a stranger walking outside.

A stranger seized me by the arm.

He pretends that he’s a stranger here.

He is an utter stranger to me.

He was an entire stranger to us.

He is a complete stranger to me.

She eyed the stranger suspiciously.

She is no stranger to me.

He is a stranger here.

He is a stranger in this town.

The girl that came yesterday was a stranger to me.

There is a stranger in front of the house.

A stranger came up to me and asked me the time.

I am a stranger here.

A stranger phoned me yesterday.

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