strange in a sentence

  1. A strange event occurred.
  2. A strange face was painted on it.
  3. A strange feeling came over me.
  4. A strange incident happened during his speech.
  5. A strange man came up to me and asked for money.
  6. A strange man menaced her with a knife.
  7. A strange sound was heard from behind the door.
  8. A strange thing happened after some days.
  9. A strange thing happened last night.
  10. As I was frightened by the strange sound
  11. Did you ever hear of such a strange custom?
  12. Do you have a strange addiction?
  13. Don’t you believe it is strange that I should live alone?
  14. Due to this his artworks contain strange color themes.
  15. During the course of the enquiry, many strange facts came to light.
  16. Faith is a strange and a powerful thing and it can work miracles.
  17. Foolish people have a strange kind of confidence which comes only with ignorance.
  18. From his clothes everybody knew that the man was from a strange country.
  19. He asked what that strange outcry was.
  20. He awoke to find himself in a strange room.
  21. He behaves in a very strange fashion.
  22. He came to know of her strange fancy.
  23. He could not accept a strange woman as his mother.
  24. He enquired what that strange outcry was.
  25. He fell in with a strange man when he was taking a walk.
  26. He felt that he had a strange experience which was against the laws of Nature.
  27. He felt that he has a strange experience.
  28. He found himself in a strange land.
  29. He has strange ideas.
  30. He heard a strange sound and sprang out of bed.
  31. He is a very strange person.
  32. He is full of new and strange ideas.
  33. He jumped in fright at the strange sound.
  34. He looked at me with a strange expression.
  35. He offered no specific explanation for his strange behavior.
  36. He spoke to me in a strange manner.
  37. He told me a strange story.
  38. He was thinking strange thoughts.
  39. He wondered what a strange man I was?
  40. His paintings seem strange to me.
  41. His wife remained strange to him.
  42. His wife will have remained strange to him.
  43. How strange and changeful life is !
  44. I always feel ill-at-ease in a strange company.
  45. I am a man; no human is strange to me.
  46. I am hearing a strange noise from the kitchen.
  47. I can taste something strange in this soup.
  48. I don’t think it’s strange at all.
  49. I dreamed I was in a very strange situation.
  50. I dreamed a strange dream.
  51. I dreamt a strange dream.
  52. I heard a strange noise coming from his room last night.
  53. I heard a strange sound coming from the garage.
  54. I heard a strange sound coming from the room above.
  55. I heard a strange sound in the dead of night.
  56. I heard a strange sound.
  57. I saw a strange woman there.
  58. I saw something strange in the sky.
  59. I sometimes dream of strange things.
  60. I think it strange that he should keep silence for such a long time.
  61. I think it strange that he should lose his temper over that.
  62. I thought it strange that the petition had been turned down.
  63. I was bewildered at the sight of his strange behavior.
  64. I woke up and found myself in a strange room.
  65. I’m always writing strange things
  66. I’ve never heard of such a strange story.
  67. In a strange town with no money.
  68. Isn’t it strange that he isn’t here by now?
  69. It had some strange writing on the side.
  70. It has a strange system of getting signals of some one swimming in deep sea without seeing him.
  71. It hits various things unnecessarily and eats strange things like stones and sticks.
  72. It is a strange fact
  73. It is a very strange letter.
  74. It is strange that a soldier is afraid of war.
  75. It is strange that he doesn’t know his own name.
  76. It is strange that he should have lost his way.
  77. It is strange that she should do such a thing.
  78. It is strange that she should say such a thing.
  79. It is strange that they should get so angry.
  80. It is strange that you are afraid of mice.
  81. It is strange that you know nothing about her wedding.
  82. It is strange that you should dare to criticize my conduct.
  83. It is strange that you should fail.
  84. It is strange that you should think so.
  85. It is strange to think of true love in this money-mad world.
  86. It is very strange that we should meet again.
  87. It might sound strange but yes its a fact.
  88. It produced strange visual effects.
  89. It seemed strange that the door was open when I got home.
  90. It seemed very strange at first.
  91. It was a strange chance that we met there again.
  92. It was a strange night.
  93. It was a strange world.
  94. It’s a bit strange as far as I’m concerned.
  95. It’s a bit strange to me.
  96. It’s a strange story
  97. It’s a very strange case.
  98. It’s strange that he doesn’t agree with us.
  99. It’s strange that nobody knows us.
  100. Life is a strange mixture of varied types of experiences.
  101. Life is full of strange surprises.
  102. Many children find it strange or difficult to cope with the changes.
  103. Never have I dreamed such a strange dream.
  104. People came to see the strange animal in the zoo one after another.
  105. Pineapples are really very strange things.
  106. Press the red button if something strange happens.
  107. She came out with some strange tunings.
  108. She dreamt a strange dream.
  109. She exclaimed that life was very strange and changeful.
  110. She gave a narrative of her strange experience.
  111. She gave me a strange look.
  112. She had a strange hat on.
  113. She had a strange look on her face.
  114. She has strange notions about education.
  115. She speaks in a strange fashion.
  116. She was wearing a strange hat.
  117. Sometimes little kids aspire to be strange things.
  118. Sometimes strange things happen in this house.
  119. Such a strange thing is not likely to happen.
  120. Suddenly they heard a strange noise.
  121. That is a strange sentence.
  122. That may seem strange and even impossible.
  123. The chemist sells such a strange collection of things.
  124. The drink had a strange taste.
  125. The main gate produces a strange sound.
  126. The orange left a strange taste in my mouth.
  127. The other kids at school made fun of him because of his strange accent.
  128. The pattering of raindrops produced a strange music and nothing else could be heard over it.
  129. The picture looks strange because it has no perspective.
  130. The plane was about to take off when I heard a strange sound.
  131. The strange sound raised her from her bed.
  132. The town was flooded with strange foreign words.
  133. The vending machine is making strange noises.
  134. There are some strange animals in the zoo.
  135. There are strange rumors afloat.
  136. There is a strange stillness in this house.
  137. There were strange guys at the bank this morning.
  138. There were strange things happening there.
  139. They begin to behave in a very strange and irrational way.
  140. They behaved in a very strange way.
  141. They had a strange experience.
  142. They made a strange discovery.
  143. They were singing in strange metallic voices.
  144. This is a strange kind of fish.
  145. This is a strange sentence.
  146. This is a strange type of clock.
  147. This old fish has a strange taste.
  148. This strange custom prevails the tribals.
  149. This strange happening.
  150. Today you are speaking in a strange manner.
  151. Tom has a strange sense of humor.
  152. We happened to meet again through a strange coincidence.
  153. We saw a strange object in the sky.
  154. What a strange man he is!
  155. What a strange sight!
  156. What do you infer from her strange behavior?
  157. What is there so strange about that?
  158. What is ths strange cry?
  159. What you have said reminds me of a strange experience I had a few years ago.
  160. Where did you find that strange thing?
  161. While passing by the old fort, I saw a strange sight.
  162. Who designed this strange building?
  163. You may feel strange sensations in the ears.
  164. You put me in a strange situation.
  165. You’re a strange bird.

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