stout in a sentence

  1. His hard work makes him stout and strong.
  2. They had stout and muscular bodies.
  3. He had a stout impressive body.
  4. Her mother is a stout lady.
  5. Sports make our body stout and muscular.
  6. They are stout birds.
  7. He is fair complexioned with stout body.
  8. My brother is stout and fleshy.
  9. He has a stout and well-developed body covered with muscles and fat.
  10. He has a stout physique.
  11. This diet will make you stout and healthy.
  12. We should try to construct a stout and healthy nation.
  13. Stout beer is known for being rich in flavor and heavier in consistency than other beers.
  14. Trapdoor spiders are black or brown, with stout bodies and legs.
  15. He is stout in appearance.
  16. She is a stout girl with little sense of fashion.
  17. He walked with the aid of a stout stick.
  18. He is a curt, stout man with little patience for probing questions.
  19. What does stout taste like?
  20. He found a stout supporter for him.
  21. Snake eagles have stout legs and short toes.
  22. She did not panic and put up a stout resistance.
  23. My best friend is well built and stout.
  24. He is of average height and stout built.
  25. He is physically stout and robust person.
  26. He is very strong and stout.
  27. Our soldiers offered stout resistance to the enemy.
  28. She is stout and fair-complexioned.
  29. He is very strong and stout.
  30. He looked small beside my father’s stout body.

Synonyms of Stout


  • The big investor bought up the stocks.
  • People living in a big city tend to lack exercise.
  • I dislike big cities.
  • The big fire reduced the whole town to ashes.
  • I am about as big as my father now.
  • There is a big park near our school.
  • My father and mother have a big farm there.
  • I’m a big fan of American cooking.
  • I caught a big fish yesterday.
  • I do not like a big desk lamp.
  • That’s big talk for an upstart like you.
  • A big red fish is swimming about in the pond.


  • This is a bulky book with over pages
  • This box is too bulky to carry.
  • Who can carry those bulky chairs back and forth?


  • As he is fat so he walks slowly.
  • Losing fat from around the waist is not easy.
  • He left no stone unturned in his search.
  • He is fat and rude
  • That baby is fat and healthy.
  • He is not as fat as he was.


  • The bitter and sweet taste of this fleshy fruit is simply extraordinary.


  • I had a heavy brunch in the morning.
  • With a very heavy heart, I came back home.
  • It was a heavy downpour.
  • He is on the heavy side.
  • My box is twice as heavy as yours.
  • I could not come because of the heavy rain.
  • We had a heavy rain last night.
  • The train was ten minutes behind time because of heavy snow.
  • I don’t like heavy makeup on a young girl.
  • Electric wires were broken in many places from the heavy snowfall.
  • I failed to come on account of a heavy snowfall.
  • She would go out in the heavy rain
  • The heavy rain prevented us from going fishing.
  • The heavy rain prevented us from going out.
  • His business resulted in heavy losses.
  • It often happens that railway traffic is suspended by a heavy snowfall.”


  • You can try this out with kids who are nice and plump it will bring you great joy.


  • Your arguments are weighty.
  • Your arguments are weighty still they do not convince me.
  • It’s a weighty issue





Antonyms of Stout


  • I’m afraid the story will give him a wrong impression.
  • I am afraid it will rain in the afternoon.
  • He is afraid that he may be punished.
  • He was afraid to attempt it.
  • I’m afraid of ghosts.
  • He is very afraid of dogs.
  • We are afraid that our new address is not registered on your database.
  • I’m afraid I can’t help you now.
  • I’m afraid the job I’ve got for you won’t be easy.
  • They are afraid to speak out.
  • Everyone is afraid of doing new things.
  • He is afraid of the dark.
  • I’m afraid I have water in my knee joint.
  • I’m afraid the bank is going to repossess my house.
  • The officer seemed to be afraid of their revenge.
  • I was afraid that you had failed.
  • I am afraid of offending you
  • I’m afraid that I might make you angry.


  • To lean out of the window is dangerous.
  • He was lean forward on his desk.
  • He has a thin, lean body.
  • Don’t lean against the wall.
  • She will lean to her husband’s opinion.
  • They attempted to escape from prison.
  • Don’t lean out of the window!
  • You must not lean out of the window.
  • Never lean against a glass door.
  • He is lean and tall.
  • It gives the illusion of tall figure and lean legs.
  • Don’t lean on your friends for help.
  • I lean toward accepting the proposal.
  • Don’t lean on my desk.
    He only eats lean meats and vegetables.


  • There is only a very slight idea of restriction:
  • They want to get things without making a slight effort.
  • The trend continues to this day with slight changes.
  • I had my heart in my mouth when I heard a slight noise in the middle of the night.
  • He showed a slight improvement.
  • A slight mistake with the ear can lead to serious problems.
  • They are a little shy by nature and tend to retreat into their shells with a slight hissing sound.
  • I have a slight pain in my side.
  • I have a slight fever.
  • Would you mind if I shut the window? I have a slight cold.
  • I have a slight headache today.
  • I have a slight fever today.
  • There’s a slight possibility of a recurrence.
  • She got a slight burn on her hand while cooking.


  • If you want to get thin you must cut out sugar.
  • He is lean, thin and old.
  • Sincere friends stand by each other through thick and thin.
  • I need a cord to tie these books.
  • He’s so thin that he looks like a skeleton.
  • The ice on the lake is too thin to bear your weight.


  • He was so timid that he did not appear in the interview.
  • Her long black hair danced round her like a snake
  • He is so timid that he never raises his hand in class.
  • A mouse is a timid creature.


  • He was so weak that he could not walk.
  • Should the weak be humiliated ?
  • He had become too weak to walk.
  • He is too weak to get about.
  • He is weak in English.
  • He is weak in the class.
  • He is so weak that he cannot walk.
  • He is always standing up for the weak and oppressed.