storm in a sentence

I was blinded in the storm.

The storm continued for about two hours.

The ship lost its sail in the storm.

For full one hour the storm roared.

I was caught in a storm yesterday.

He will reach home before the storm will come.

Suddenly a furious storm began to blow.

The boat was sunk by a storm.

We shall go out when the wind and the storm are still.

The storm will wreck the ship.

It turned from a gale into a mighty dust storm.

The storm was strong.

After about half an hour the storm was over.

It was a hurricane of Category 4 storm and was called Katrina, the “mother of all hurricanes.

In a few seconds the storm was in full swing.

There is no sense in going out in a storm.

The storm was gathering.

The storm blinded us.

Has the storm been blowing since morning ?

He has already weathered many a storm.

The hail-storm has damaged the crops.

The storm came with all fury.

The storm was very severe.

It was a destructive storm.

Her dance on the stage took the audience by storm.

Every boat and every sailor was lost in the storm.

The storm ceased.

We saw the storm approaching.

His advent was like a storm.

let us stay here till the storm has passed.

The thunder storm was coming.

The sails of the boat had been torn to shreds in the violent storm.

The rain was accompanied by hail and storm.
We were blinded by the storm.

A lot of trees were blown down during the storm.

A dust storm is expected to blow in the evening.

The steamer was delayed by a storm.

The storm ceased.

We prayed for the storm to stop.

Winds blow at a high speed during storm.

The ship was wrecked in a storm.

A tree fell to the ground during the storm.

The dark clouds gathered ominously in the sky, signaling the impending storm.

The powerful gusts of wind accompanied the storm, rattling windows and bending trees.

Lightning crackled across the sky, illuminating the landscape during the fierce storm.

Heavy rain poured down in torrents, flooding the streets and creating deep puddles.

The storm unleashed its fury, lashing the coastline with massive waves and strong winds.

People sought shelter indoors as the storm raged outside, taking cover from the pelting rain and dangerous conditions.

The storm caused power outages, leaving entire neighborhoods in darkness and disrupting daily routines.

Emergency services worked tirelessly to rescue stranded individuals and provide aid in the aftermath of the destructive storm.

The storm passed, leaving behind a tranquil and refreshed atmosphere, as the clouds gradually dispersed and the sun emerged.

The sound of raindrops tapping against the window created a cozy ambiance indoors, providing comfort during the stormy weather.

Despite the storm’s fury, a sense of awe and beauty emerged as the skies were painted with vibrant hues during a magnificent sunset.

The stormy sea churned violently, with crashing waves and frothy whitecaps, showcasing the immense power of nature.

The howling winds and driving rain made it difficult to hear anything else, as the storm dominated the soundscape.

The stormy night provided the perfect backdrop for cozying up by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, and enjoying the comforting sound of rain.

The storm caused flight cancellations and delays, disrupting travel plans and leaving passengers stranded at airports.

The storm’s aftermath revealed a landscape transformed, with fallen branches and debris scattered across the area as a reminder of its force.

The storm created a mesmerizing display of lightning, illuminating the sky with its jagged bolts of electricity.

The relentless downpour during the storm turned the streets into rivers, testing the drainage systems to their limits.

The stormy weather prompted the cancellation of outdoor sports activities, forcing athletes to seek shelter and wait for better conditions.

The storm’s strong winds toppled fences, scattered debris, and sent leaves swirling in a chaotic dance.

The stormy weather forced beachgoers to retreat, seeking shelter from the crashing waves and gusty winds.

The storm’s arrival was announced by distant rumblings, gradually growing louder and closer, signaling the impending tempest.

The storm caused disruptions in communication, with lightning strikes interfering with radio signals and power outages affecting internet connectivity.

The storm’s heavy downpour replenished parched fields and gardens, bringing relief to drought-stricken areas.

The storm’s intensity heightened as the wind howled and rain lashed against windows, creating an atmosphere of unease and vulnerability.

The storm’s fury caused flight cancellations and rerouting, disrupting travel plans for countless passengers.

The storm’s atmospheric pressure changes affected people’s moods, leading to restlessness and a sense of unease.

The storm’s aftermath revealed a landscape transformed, with upturned soil, fallen trees, and damaged structures in its wake.

The storm’s relentless rain brought relief to farmers, replenishing water sources and nourishing crops.

The storm’s lightning illuminated the night sky, casting eerie shadows and briefly revealing the landscape with each electric flash.

The storm’s arrival sent pets scurrying for cover, seeking refuge under beds or in the safety of their owners’ arms.

The storm’s gusty winds whistled through the trees, creating an eerie and haunting melody.

The storm’s relentless downpour filled rivers and reservoirs to their brim, replenishing water supplies and ensuring a healthy ecosystem.

The storm’s power outage left homes and businesses in darkness, relying on candles and emergency lights to navigate through the night.

The storm’s thunderclaps echoed through the valleys, reverberating with a deep resonance that shook the ground.

The storm’s turbulent waves crashed against the shore, creating a mesmerizing display of nature’s force and power.

The storm’s arrival forced campers to abandon their tents, seeking shelter in cars or nearby buildings until the weather subsided.

The storm’s cool breeze provided relief from the sweltering heat, bringing a refreshing change to the stifling summer air.

The storm’s persistent rain drummed on rooftops, creating a soothing rhythm that lulled some to sleep while keeping others awake.

The storm’s sudden hailstorm startled residents, pelting their roofs and windows with icy projectiles.

The storm’s intense lightning display illuminated the night sky, casting an otherworldly glow and captivating the eyes of onlookers.

The storm’s thunderous roar seemed to shake the very foundations of buildings, reminding all of nature’s power and unpredictability.

The storm’s blinding sheets of rain created a hazy curtain, obscuring visibility and causing drivers to exercise caution on the roads.

The storm’s arrival disrupted outdoor events and gatherings, forcing attendees to seek shelter and adapt their plans accordingly.

The storm’s atmospheric pressure changes caused some to experience a dull ache in their sinuses, a common phenomenon during inclement weather.

The storm’s persistent presence kept birds grounded and quiet, their songs silenced by the overwhelming presence of nature’s fury.

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