storm in a sentence

I was blinded in the storm.

The storm continued for about two hours.

The ship lost its sail in the storm.

For full one hour the storm roared.

I was caught in a storm yesterday.

He will reach home before the storm will come.

Suddenly a furious storm began to blow.

The boat was sunk by a storm.

We shall go out when the wind and the storm are still.

The storm will wreck the ship.

It turned from a gale into a mighty dust storm.

The storm was strong.

After about half an hour the storm was over.

It was a hurricane of Category 4 storm and was called Katrina, the “mother of all hurricanes.

In a few seconds the storm was in full swing.

There is no sense in going out in a storm.

The storm was gathering.

The storm blinded us.

Has the storm been blowing since morning ?

He has already weathered many a storm.

The hail-storm has damaged the crops.

The storm came with all fury.

The storm was very severe.

It was a destructive storm.

Her dance on the stage took the audience by storm.

Every boat and every sailor was lost in the storm.

The storm ceased.

We saw the storm approaching.

His advent was like a storm.

let us stay here till the storm has passed.

The thunder storm was coming.

The sails of the boat had been torn to shreds in the violent storm.

The rain was accompanied by hail and storm.
We were blinded by the storm.

A lot of trees were blown down during the storm.

A dust storm is expected to blow in the evening.

The steamer was delayed by a storm.

The storm ceased.

We prayed for the storm to stop.

Winds blow at a high speed during storm.

The ship was wrecked in a storm.

A tree fell to the ground during the storm.

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