stock in a sentence

The library has an abundant stock of books.

Speculation is essential in a Stock Exchange.

We are sorry; this product is out of stock.

We have run out of stock.

You must take stock of the whole situation before proceeding further in the matter.

He is very fat; so he is a laughing stock of the class.

The minister went there to take stock of the situation.3

He is the laughing stock of our class.

He invested his money in the stock market.

He is a laughing stock of the class.

The trading in a stock exchange is strictly regulated.

I took stock of his injuries.

He talked nonsense and made himself the laughing stock of his hearers.

One has to take stock of the situation and act when the time is appropriate.

His plan to make money in the stock market backfired and he lost all the money he had.

He acted so foolishly that he has become the laughing stock of the entire office.

We lost money by speculating on the stock market.

We have to stock our supplies before the winter sets in.

He has a big stock of rice.

He wanted some time to take stock of the situation.

He is trying to take stock of his injuries.

His foolish argument made him the laughing stock.

We have a stock of a large number of books in our library.

I regret to inform that the supplies you have ordered for are not in stock now.

He sold his stock at very high rate and made big profit:

Please let me know when your new stock arrives.

One has to take stock of the condition and act when the time is appropriate.

Go straight down this street and turn right at the third light.

Do not beat about the bush, come to the point straight away.

He keeps his record straight and pays his taxes well in time.

he placed the stones in straight line.

Walk straight !

Walk straight ahead one block.

Nobody has a straight graph all their lives.

Keep it straight

He can’t stand up straight anymore.

I intended to go straight back home

He drew a straight line on the paper.

I’ll come straight to the point.

He drew a straight line on the wall.

He came straight up to me.

He drew a straight line with his pencil.

I went to his place straight away.

Get down to your work straight away.

Get the work started straight away!

She told the joke with a straight face.

He’s too tall to stand up straight in this room.

He went straight to the post office.

Could you just get straight to the point?

The road is straight for over ten miles.

Go straight down the road.

Show us the straight path.

Please stop beating around the bush and come straight to the point.

Guide us to the straight way.

Did you go straight home after school yesterday?

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