states in a sentence

I am keenly interested in people of other states in India.

He wanted to conquer all the states and bring them under his reign.

Punjab is one of the most important states of India.

Scientists have discovered that the brain emits electrical waves of varying frequencies in different states of mind.

On the eve of Babar’s invasion, India was divided into a number of small states.

He has settled in the United States.

Rajasthan is hotter than all other states in India.

There is no truth in what he states.

The United States is a rich country.

It is a compulsory subject in schools in most of the states in the country.

Newspapers are published and read in almost all Indian states.

Our country has many states.

Sardar Patel did yeoman’s service to the country by integrating the scattered states of India.

How many states still have the death penalty?

This sentence states exactly how the writer feels.

The contract states how much we have to pay.

The report states that there will be a depression.

These states were united into one nation.

We covered three states in two days.

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