started in a sentence

The match started at 10 a.m. exact.

In 1942 Mahatma Gandhi started the Quit India movement.

The government has started the Adult Education Scheme for those young men and women who could not join any school in their childhood.

No sooner had the guard whistled than the train started.

When I saw a lion, I started trembling with fear.

I have started waking up early in the morning and exercising.

These days, money has started taking place in every relation and thus relationship are being spoiled.

New ideas started jelling in his mind.

I started my career as a print media journalist.

He started using his money for wrong deeds.

I started working for this firm three years ago.

He started this project with great pomp and show.

I started reading story books at the age of 5.

Man has been facing many obstacles since life started on the earth.

After some time the marriage procession started.

We started early in the morning on our bicycles.

The government has started many programmes for adult education.

No sooner did he open the letter than he started weeping.

No sooner did I reach home than it started raining.

We started late in afternoon.

The train started at ten.

We started in the morning.

I have started working hard once again.

The rain has started to pour down in monsoon.

During the time when my brother married, I had not started earning .

He had started showing the signs of bravery when he was still a child.

With examinations round the corner, anxiety and stress have started taking a toll of the student community.

I am in a dilemma and my work has started suffering.

She had started taking out her anger against all and sundry.

I have started my career as a singer.

They started at dawn.

A new theater has been started last Tuesday.

No sooner had she heard the news than she started off.

The car was started with great difficulty.

Schools have been started this year.

As he started late, he missed the train.

He missed the train, because he started late.

I am the person who have started this work.

Scarcely had I started when it began to rain.

He started early.

The train started before he reached the station.

the quarrel started over a trifle.

After the work, he started homeward.

He started frittering away his money.

We started early so as not to miss the train.

The meeting started at ten.

My train started at seven.

I have started skipping lunch with a view to losing weight.

We started to walk.

We started at the same time.

Let’s get started anyway.

You ought to have started half an hour ago.

I can’t believe you haven’t even started it!

The customers have started to come.

The police started to look into the murder case.

You’ve started warming up.

You only started this job an hour ago.

The game was called off because it suddenly started raining.

We started it again right after dinner.

I started doing this work years ago.

I started early in the morning

His fake mustache started to peel off on one side.

We started at six.

He lost his cool and started throwing things.

He hasn’t even started studying for the exam yet.

It has started to rain.

We started with students. Now we have more than .

He broke down and started to cry.

I started learning Chinese last week.

We had not gone very far when it started to rain.

We started in no time.

Moreover in the last one or two decade we have started depending on fuel so much that it has become our basic necessity.

The party had no sooner started than it began to rain.

My shoes and socks were so full of water that I started feeling a numbness in my feet.

He started the car.

My sister was nice enough to wake me up with a cup of steaming tea and quickly I started getting ready.

Once I settled in the class I talked with the other kids and started playing with them.

People have started believing everything they find on their social media websites without fact-checking.

He started this tradition in Mecca first.

What started feminism?

Has the movie started yet?

The farewell function started after the party was over.

It is only through English that I started writing my own work.

Strong winds started to blow and there was thunder and lightning.

We started all at once.

The cultivation of mango started around  years ago.

Tom started the engine.

Strong winds started blowing.

The moment we reached the ticket window the kids in the family started jumping with excitement.

The kids in the family started making a list of all the things that they wanted to eat.

We made some purchases from the bazar and started on bicycles.

Similarly he also started a revolution for the same.

Now that I have recovered fully, I have started working hard once again.

I started running towards the school.

The clouds started gathering in the sky.

I started looking towards the rider.

Painful cries started coming.

I started writing answers to questions.

Some villagers started a quarrel us.

His supporters started shouting.

After an interval of five minutes, the match started again.

The function started a little before the scheduled time.

He started a magazine.

The film started and once again there was silence.

I had started planning for my birthday party many days in advance.

Then they started off again.

Everybody started waving his flag.

Our annual Examination started on that day.

Men and women in their colourful dresses had started coming from all directions.

He has started getting ideas and has served notice.

I He had hardly come out of his house when it started raining.

People started getting water from the wells.

Their friendship started from kindergarten days.

I As soon as the teacher came in the room, the children started writing.

I started perspiring.

My house’s roof has started leaking.

Your younger brother has started smoking.

After ten minutes’ rest, the game started once again.

The next morning he started cleaning his hut.

Then started the programme of music.

As soon as they had taken their respective’ seats, the programme started with Sarasvati Vandana.

Half an hour after the plane had taken off, when it was over the jungle, it started raining.

The Education Minister started giving away prizes to the winners.

The programme started with Saraswati Vandana.

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