stand in a sentence

The teacher made him stand on the bench.

Stand up on the bench.

What helps a camel to run and walk easily on the stand?

We should understand and realize that negative thoughts do stand in our every process.

People stand in a queue and wait for their turn.

We must do our work well, or we stand to lose.

I ran into an old friend of mine at the bus stand yesterday.

Untruth can never stand because of the inherent weakness associated with it.

He made me stand up.

His ghost stories made my hair stand on end.

I swear by God that I shall stand by you.

I always stand by my principles.

Please, help me stand up.

His practical experience in politics will stand him in good stead.

His sense of humour stand him in good stead in the writing of the book.

This should stand him in good stead.

Your stars seem committed to stand by you through thick and thin.

This will stand the wrong doers in good stead.

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