how to use spite in a sentence

In spite of his great strength he was overpowered.

In spite of poor health, he worked hard.

In spite of trying her best, she could not succeed.

I hold no spite against anyone.

In spite of being so poor, he is honest.

In spite of his riches, he is unhappy.

In spite of being intelligent, he failed.

In spite of repeated warnings, he did not desist from smoking.

In spite of hard work he failed in the examination.

In spite of my calling him, he gave me no answer.

In spite of his hard work, he did not succeed.

In spite of being rich he is not happy.

She failed in the examination in spite of hard work.

Our forces gained ground in spite of resistance from the enemy.

They hang together in spite of their internal differences.

In spite of being good-natured no one talks to her.

In spite of his poverty he is trustworthy.

In spite of difficulties, he is determined to continue his studies.

In spite of being very tired he kept on working.

In spite of his domestic problems, he has decided to pursue his studies.

In spite his ill health he works hard.

I am trying to carry on my studies in spite of my ill health.

In spite of being very rich, he is not proud.

In spite of his wealth, he could not win the election.

In spite of being honest, I could not please him.

In spite of his wealth he had to eat an humble pie.

In spite of his illness, he goes to school.

In spite of his innocence he suffered.

In spite of her illness, she goes to school.

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