spirit in a sentence

Games teach us sportsman spirit.

One should have the spirit of self-sacrifice.

A library is a soul and spirit of a college.

Man has a body, a mind and a spirit.

He infused new spirit in the minds of his soldiers.

He has a spirit of service and sacrifice.

Patriotism calls for the spirit of selfless sacrifice.

Games instil in us the spirit of teamwork and selflessness.

Playing games is good for physical health and it also helps the child in acquiring the qualities of team spirit, competitiveness and leadership.

He is an embodiment of the spirit of compassion.

His courage and fighting spirit is truly overwhelming.

I will be with you in body and in spirit.

Play the game in the spirit of the game.

He fled like a spirit from the room

Keep up the festive spirit .

Put more spirit into your work.

He has a spirit of tenacity.

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