spellbound in a sentence

We were spellbound to watch its beauty.

He left the audience spellbound with the charms of his poetry.

He is a good debater and keeps the audience spellbound by his powerful oratory.

Audience spellbound by music, dance performance.

Chess can keep players spellbound for hours.

I was spellbound to see the magician performing his magic.

Bollywood singers leave audience spellbound.

They left the audience spellbound with their outstanding performance.

The monument’s beauty spellbound me.

The spark in his eyes left me spellbound.

I am spellbound by the voice of her.

He held everybody spellbound with his message of peace and non-violence.

They left everyone spellbound with their talent.

He held the audience spellbound for more than an hour.

A daredevil show by police personnel left the audience spellbound.

He left the audience spellbound with his melodious voice.

Their performance left everyone spellbound and were appreciated by one and all.

He kept the audience spellbound throughout his performance.

Their performances captivated the audience’s attention and left them spellbound.

Her charm leaves the onlookers spellbound.

The players gave a sterling performance and kept the audience spellbound for two hours.

The audience was left spellbound and the entire hall resounded with claps and shrieks.