speech in a sentence

Speech is both a blessing and a curse.

I made such a speech as everybody liked.

Polite speech is the hallmark of a gentleman.

Babar roused the spirit of his soldiers through a fiery speech.

Speech should never be misused.

He made use of several quotations from Shakespeare during the course of his speech.

He gave a passionate farewell speech.

He is brief and direct in his speech.

He made an important speech.

I heard your speech.

The fans clapped after the speech.

We are blessed with the power of speech.

I am trying my best to improve my speech.

His speech left everyone in a maze.

Her speech was worded nicely.

Does he make the speech ?

I am bored with your speech.

His speech was not at all comprehensible.

Can you deliver a speech?

He made a speech .

He made a speech suited to the occasion.

He delivered a most impressive speech.

Preposition is a very important part of speech.

He delivered speech into the college hall.

It was his maiden speech in the Lok Sabha.

He stood up to deliver a speech, but he cut a sorry figure and could not speak a single sentence correctly.

His speech had strength and meaning.

His speech on that occasion was unworthy of him.

His speech threw cold water on all their schemes.

His speech was below the mark.

Which is the woman you alluded to in your speech ?

His speech was difficult to follow.

The Prime Minister made a stirring speech appropriate to the occasion.

My speech was broadcasted.

His speech was loudly cheered by the students.

He made a speech of an offensive character.

He had a speech defect and stammered while speaking.

She made a sentimental speech at the time of parting.

Does he make a speech ?

He worded his speech nicely.

Freedom of speech is necessary for the development of our civilization.

Did he make a speech ?

His speech was plain.

The leader made his speech with confidence.

His speech was rhetorically superb.

He turned his gift of speech to good account and became a popular leader.

We listened to his speech carefully.

Listen to his speech attentively.

His speech fell flat on the people.

Freedom of speech was restricted in this country.

The content of his speech is not relevant to the subject.

He made a speech in connection with world peace.

He made a speech in support of the plan.

He made a speech highly appropriate to the occasion.

Her speech was excellent.

Man has the gift of speech which no animal has.

He delivered a very long speech yesterday.

Your speech was far from satisfactory.

The speech deeply affected the audience.

I can hardly make a speech without feeling nervous.

How did your speech go?

His long speech bored everyone.

He made an admirable speech about protecting the environment.

He made a speech at the wedding feast.

It was an ex tempore speech.

It was a brilliant speech.

His speech was very impressive.

I am sure of his winning the speech contest.

I heard his maiden speech and was enthralled.

Around twenty students delivered a speech on the topic.

The speech lasted thirty minutes.

His speech bored me.

His speech appealed to us.

They do so by restraining the freedom of speech of the citizen.

His speech was short and to the point.

His speech went on and on.

He makes a speech from behind a bullet proof glass cabin.

Your speech will be recorded in history.

He had no sooner opened his speech than everybody cheered.

I was called upon to make a speech in English.

He has to make a speech at the party.

In his speech he dwelt on the importance of education.

Which figure of speech is used in the above lines ?

Thoughtless speech may give rise to great mischief.

He said he feared his speech had been a failure.

The main idea in his speech was unity.

His speech was offensive.

Freedom of speech is the most precious’ gift of democracy.

He tempered his speech with jokes.

While delivering the speech I was experiencing a mixed feeling.

He gave a very long speech yesterday.

His speech was verbose and it failed in its purpose.

Education improves and refines the speech of a person.

His farewell speech made us very sad.

His speech was suitable to the occasion.

You should take part in that speech contest.

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