soft spoken in a sentence

She is very sweet and soft spoken.

Lal Bahadur Shastri was a very soft spoken person.

He is soft spoken and sincere person.

Your father is very gentle and soft spoken.

One should be gentle and soft-spoken in order to build relations.

He is soft-spoken, intelligent and a thorough gentleman.

My mother is very soft-spoken and gentle.

Be soft spoken.

He is soft spoken and every person is at ease in his presence.

He was known to be the most soft-spoken man in town.

She is talented, soft-spoken and generous.

My father is soft spoken and polite.

I am very soft-spoken.

He is soft-spoken and thoughtful.

She is a very soft-spoken and elegant lady.

Soft spoken words can change the course of our life for good.

I am a soft spoken and friendly person.

He never indulged in falsehood and used to be soft spoken.

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