smile in a sentence

He always has a childlike smile on his lips.

I like to see a face with a smile on it.

She has a sweet smile on her face.

He is so sad that he cannot smile.

She greeted us with smile.

He accepted the challenge with a smile.

There is something irritating about his smile.

Heroes smile even in the face of dangers and difficulties.

You cannot smile and scowl at the same time.

His lips stretched into a smile.

Dry your eyes and smile.

He gave me a heart-stopping smile.

She gave a faint smile.

She has a winning smile.

She answered with a smile.

He gave me a tired smile.

Always smile and be happy.

He had a cunning smile on his face.

She gave him a cool smile.

Her dazzling smile captivated him

She has a pleasant smile.

Fortune will surely smile upon us and God will be with us.

Her smile was steady and engaging.

There is always a gentle smile on his face.

She has a fascinating smile.

He did it with a smile.

Wherever and whenever you meet him, he would greet you with a smile.

He always wears a smile on his face.

” Her smile is attractive.”

He can charm anybody with his smile.

He was in a surly mood and refused to talk or smile.

There’s a smile on his face.

She looked at me and gave me a significant smile.

With a smile on his face, he accepts his faults and shortcomings.

She does everything with a smile.

She greeted the guest with a smile.

He greets all his neighbours with a smile.

He has a cheerful smile for those who greet him.

I put a smile on my face.

Throwing a smile she disappeared in a car.

May good fortune always smile upon you

There was a smile on her face.

He had a friendly smile on his face.

Fate does not always smile on us.

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