Slow-word meaning in hindi

Adjective : मन्द, मंदगतिवाला, चिरकारी, मंद गति वाला, मोटी समझ का, मंदा, मंथर, सुस्त, सचेत, शांत, विलंबकारी, अक्रियाशील, मध्यम, मंदबुद्धि, निष्क्रिय, अचेत, असावधान, आलसी, उबाऊ, काहिल, ठंडा, ढीला, दीर्घसूत्री, धीमा, नीरस

Adverb : धीरे से, आहिस्ता, धीरे, धीरे-धीरे

Verb : कम करना, धीमा करना, सुस्त करना, मन्द हो जाना, सुस्त होना, धीमा पड़ना

Example Sentences :

My business is slow right now.

They showed the scene in slow motion.

This is a slow but certain way.

It was a very slow train. It stopped at every little station.

Trading was slow today after yesterday’s market decline.

Can you remember how slow the Internet used to be?

I like the slow rhythm of that song.

I slow down the racing thoughts in my mind.

Progress has been very slow indeed.

He is slow to learn.

She is a slow runner.

He was slow in putting his idea into practice.

He cannot be a slow learner.

You don’t have the money to slow down!

I am a slow walker but I never walk back.

It’s a very slow business.

He is rather slow but works steadily.

He is slow of bearing.

He works too slow to win a scholarship.

You are slow of wit.

He is slow but he is sure.

The rate of pay for this job is dollars an hour.

His brother is slow at arithmetic.

She is a slow runner.